How to increase libido?

Wish to have a great love life? Find out how to boost your libido and have more sex with your partner.

Sexual activity is a natural way to keep beauty and youth for a long time. But what to do if you don't want intimate proximity at all, and sexual caress doesn't give you any pleasure? This problem requires the immediate solution. That’s why many young people think how to boost libido. Of course, we know the answers. Follow our advices and you’ll increase your libido much.
How to increase libido?

Reasons of low libido

Disturbing condition, deterioration in material welfare – all these reasons can lower the desire of sexual contact, both at men and women.

Except psychological factors and problems, a number of the following illness also lowers a libido: cardiovascular diseases, anemia, and diabetes. Women also have a menopause and postnatal depression.

increase your libido

Smoking and alcohol prevent sexual inclination and opportunity to realize it.

Healthy lifestyle, avoiding of stresses and regular physical activities are already necessary for full-fledged life. But to increase libido naturally, you should also follow other instructions.

Reasons of low libido

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How to increase your libido female?

Hot spices, such as garlic, burning pepper, horseradish, make the food not only useful and tasty but also awaken sexual interest. Only it is worth to remember about a garlic smell! Ginger. This spice is just for women. It is considered that ginger tea makes them very passionate.

How to increase your libido female

Cardamom cinnamon, and usual onions have effects of aphrodisiacs. Bitter chocolate, bananas, avocado, fig, nuts, honey have the same effect. Seafood, which is rich with fatty acids, also raises a libido.

Phytotherapy is also the assistant in increase of libido. It is possible to use herbs indifferent types, to make teas, for example. Juice, which is accepted with honey, is made of an aloe. Besides, it lifts the immunity against diseases.

increase your libido female?

How to increase your libido male?

The healthy nutrition is important for a men organism. It strengthens libido and raises potentiality. The products, influencing a sexual inclination of men, are the following:

How to increase your libido female?

  • Rich with vitamin A: milk, beef liver.
  • Rich with vitamin C: citrus, cabbage, apples, baked potatoes etc.
  • Rich with phosphorus: eggs, garlic, peanuts, almonds, cheddar cheese, beer yeast (but not beer).
  • Containing zinc (the lack of zinc provokes shortage of testosterone): oysters, haricot, oats, grain, beet, raspberry, gooseberry, cheese, eggs, liver, beef, and pork.
    increase your libido female?

The full-fledged dreaming is also important for healthy level of sexual desire. An intensive production of sex hormones is exactly at night. It is necessary to sleep not less than seven hours.

Now you learn the instructions about increasing level of libido. If you follow them, you’ll achieve success in making love. Good luck!



How to increase libido if men frantic pace of life?

A very important psychological component. You must exclude from your life fear and panic. Work to leave outside the house. You cannot save a resentment and negative emotions. You must solve problems as they come, without postponing.You can take a short holiday and to get away from home and work for a few days. If the work can not relax, detrimental effect on libido and keeps a constant voltage, it makes sense to change this. They have to choose — work or sexual relationship.If a man is not married, it makes sense to change the sexual partner. It can radically change the sex life and libido.A healthy lifestyle can improve sexual health for many years. You need to spend more time outdoors, eat well, rarely drink alcohol, and tobacco products, exercise, etc.

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