How to increase sex drive

Are you having problems with your partner? Read this article and find the solution.

The level of the sexual desire can get lower for both men and women. Bad physical and psychological conditions are the main reasons for people to wonder how to increase sex drive. This situation is not that important only if both partners consider it not that bad. Otherwise if you suffer from the lack of drive during sex you start to ask yourself how to increase your libido.

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Regular sex is not only a great warm-up, but also a good way to overcome your depression, strengthen your immune system and lower the blood pressure. Here are some ways to make you feel the huge desire again.

Do the exercised regularly

There’s no doubt that the daily physical exercise is good for your health. However, it also has a very positive impact on the level of your sexual drive. Doing a lot of sport is a very effective help. Try to do at least a little bit sport every day. Many doctors recommend becoming physically active in order to increase libido. 20-30 minutes a day is enough. It will help you strengthen the blood circulation through the body and as a result enhance the sexual desire.

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Eat nuts and seeds

If you wonder how to increase sex drive in men over 40 there are certainly some ways to do it. In addition to the physical activity many experts advise to eat pumpkin seeds, almonds and some other nuts. Due to the special acid that you can find in these nuts the blood starts to flow better to the genitals. Sexologists call those nuts a natural "Viagra". They return the sex drive and also make the whole process intense.

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Moreover, it’s better to include meal containing zinc, vitamins A, E and Group B in your daily ratio. These vitamins and minerals help to produce hormones necessary for the health of the sexual organs.


It not only has a positive effect on certain areas of the brain responsible for pleasure but also improves your mood. Chocolate has a special substance - phenylethylamine. It increases libido for both women and men.

 This substance is being produced in the human body only when the person falls in love. In order to increase sexual drive in men and women it’s better to buy only high-quality chocolate, which contains a lot of cocoa. So it can only be bitter and dark chocolate.

Romantic date night

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Maybe this advice doesn’t sound useful to you but its effectiveness can’t be underestimated. A romantic dinner for two helps to strengthen the connection between them. The intimate setting, a bottle of good wine, the light of burning candles accompanied by a quiet relaxing music will be the great gift for your partner.

In addition to this, dinner is an excellent prelude to sex. During the evening you can have a massage. You can take a bath with a few drops of oils to increase the libido of both partners.

How to increase sex drive while pregnant

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Some people think that women can’t have sex while they are pregnant but it’s not true.  Sexual intercourse is considered to be useful, especially since the majority of women feel the increase of sexual desire (libido). If you want to increase sex drive while your woman is expecting a baby, find a good position and enjoy it as women are often willing to do it during pregnancy.

Positive outlook

The main reason for the low sexual desire refers to depression and stressful situations. Usually it’s the absence of the good communication that reduces the normal sex between two lovers. It can be understandable. Many people have problems with their work which sometimes also leads to the conflicts with their loved one. Constant negative thoughts reduce sex drive too. That’s why if you want to have good sex you should try to leave all the bad thoughts and feelings you have outside the bedroom. Try to get rid of the depression, come back to the normal life and start acting to make your sex better.

Stop smoking

It’s obvious that smoking is very unhealthy. But not everyone knows that nicotine also slows down the blood circulation throughout the body. Many people have a bad breath only because of smoking.


why the desire has gone steadily downhill? Here are the main reasons:

nervous system problems (stress, depression);

side effects of certain medications;

the consequences of cultural traditions and strict upbringing laid in childhood;

long abstinence from physiological contact;

unhealthy diet;

a lack of sleep.

grenades increase libido

Pomegranate is one of the strongest agents of libido

A hearty late dinner, whose menu is made up mainly of high fat and carbohydrate foods is more of a ticket to a session of horror, rather than a stimulus for sexual exploits. Preference is given to salads and seafood, if you work late.

there is a separate set of products that contribute to increase libido. First of all this promotes the consumption of vitamin E, or the so-called “sex vitamin”. They are rich in starchy foods, cereals, nuts. Vitamin a also does not hurt – it contains butter, egg yolks, liver. Able to awaken passion and the b vitamin C – easy on the citrus.

For anybody not a secret that regular physical activity is also beneficial to sexual activity. This is confirmed by numerous studies – 80% of people involved in sports, there is no problem with sexual attraction.

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