How to keep a girl interested in you?

How to get a girl interested in you? What should you do for keeping a girl interested? Read the article to find more!

Keep a girl interested

If you managed to have her heart for some period, it doesn`t mean that she is the one with you forever. You need to keep a girl interested in you. It`s quite a difficult task as for keeping her interest you must experience something that you previously did not. How to get a girl interested in you? It might seem like an easy trick, but still, it requires a tremendous amount of efforts. The key to the question is be interesting yourself. You might have decided to keep a girl interested after the first date, or you have been dating her for an extended period and still feel that you are losing her, the key to you is not getting her bored in you.

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Adventures together

You can`t interest her if everything you do in the life is sitting next to a computer`s display. The key is to make your life and life of your couple adventurous. Try to go camping together! There is no difference if you have spent with a girl a lot of time together or it`s your second date. The interactive experience in extreme conditions will make the relationships stronger. Nevertheless, you may also show yourself from the bright side as providing to be an excellent survivalist; women love these type of men. That`s how you win her interest and attract her to spend more time with you.

Give the time for “her”

Give the time for “her.”

You might not believe, but too much you in her life may play against you. If you try to be in every part of her life without giving her a freedom, it may only irritate her. In your absence, she misses you. Nevertheless, you need to keep a healthy balance in this case, because the constant absence of you may also be unhealthy for you both. If you are a couple, it doesn`t mean that you live together for 24/7, but it also provided by a whole time for you both to take the necessary time to relax from relationship and work on yourself.



If you seem to be comfortable in her or your house, so why don`t you spend some time together there? You may not need too much for this type of vacation. Just try to find some interesting movies, get some skills in cooking and provide her delicious food. If your girlfriend agrees, you may also spend some time playing a videogame or else more close games. In a staycation, you may have enough time to share each other feelings, beliefs, dreams. Nevertheless, it`s  a perfect time for you both, do not waste the opportunity to keep her interestin you. On the other hand, be cautious and visit some other places then your house, do not become an anchoret.

New things in Bed

New things in Bed

Sex is inevitable part of every couple`s life. That`s why to keep her interest in you; you would need to provide her sexual pleasure. It does not mean that you need to become a sex machine and pump up your tool, but you would need to provide some intimacy in your relations. Try to read some books about woman psychology and they would tell her that the performance in the bed is crucial but the key to that performance is an intimate feeling. You are her man, make her feel something extraterrestrial so that she could bring you joy from heavens. You both would win from more sex together but in this matter quality is more preferred than quantity. Be aware of that things!




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