How to keep your man happy?

According to social researchers and polls, one of the happiest moments of a woman's life is called love and the wedding. But man’s nature is different.

to make your man happy

The fact is that women value marriage more than men, and exert more efforts in order to make them happy, but men tend to consider their financial and social status as a key to a happy family life and even as a required base. That's why their efforts are mostly focused on achievements outside the family. In many ways, they are right because most women would expect them to be just that.

So, how to make your man happy? Enough to know a few simple, very simple rules that explain his behavior and reactions to your words and actions.

Rule # 1. If a woman believes that she will be able to change him after the wedding, she is mistaken. Do not try to alter your man, accept him with the whole “whims”, accumulated habits and characteristics. There are several reasons. Firstly, all of this has been evolved over many years and stayed with him. Secondly, noticing the pressure from you, he will resist and maybe even harder to cling to what you try to eradicate. Thirdly, even giving way to you against his will and, knowing this, he will not be happy, and you're with him. Discontent and happiness are contagious.

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Rule # 2. Always reward (praise, underline) his behavior, his actions, traits that you like. Men are not indifferent especially to the recognition of their virtues and merits, especially from his lady, especially when he tried and did something for you, for the family. By doing so, you motivate him to do so again and again, and fix for him the desirable behavior and cause him a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Be sure to praise it sincerely, and do not assume that praising one day, a man will do this always, as a matter of course.  

Rule # 3. Avoid repeated criticism of his behavior because this will not bring benefits – except you, in the form of splash pent-up irritation. But the damage will be much greater. Because the criticism makes a person to be in defend, and not to seek a constructive way out of this situation. Maximum what you'll get is his escape from the scene of the argument or counter-criticism in your address. To strengthen the relationship or increase the level of happiness this tactic certainly would not encourage.

Rule # 4. Why is the guy even after becoming a man, and marrying the woman he loves, hiding his feelings? The emotions and feelings of men, or rather the ability to discern and Express, less developed than in women, which is due to both genetics and upbringing, social stereotypes. Therefore, in a stressful situation, during a verbal showdown man feels vulnerable and powerless, it is easier to respond physically than verbally. Either way, he should immediately take action to solve the problem.

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Otherwise, he sees no point in repeatedly chewing unpleasant moments. Savoring the details and deepening the nuances of emotions – not his strengths. The fact is that in evolutionary development and, if necessary, to survive the emotions and feelings played for men a minor role, and could even hurt during a hunt or battle with the enemy. Therefore, the expression of emotions and even the recognition of the rights to most of the positive emotions, like compassion, sympathy, trust and love may be perceived as something feminine, weak, threat.

But the expression by man of negative emotions like anger has historically been profitable, and even now society is ready to understand and justify this. To unfreeze your man and teach him to feel and express emotions, try to show more positive emotions such as love, appreciation, tenderness, understanding, sympathy, support, etc. Emotions will cease to be for him something scary and negative, and the presence of feelings of trust, loyalty, acceptance in your relationship will help him freer to speak about love to you, understand you better and therefore be happier.

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Rule # 5. Women-girlfriends think it's normal when meeting just to talk and share experiences, emotions. Men are more prone to physical activity. The same thing applies to your total leisure time: don't wait for long conversations about feelings and emotions, or he will quickly get tired and will try to slip away, changing the topic, or will pretend to be a tree stump with eyes. He just genuinely sees no point in these conversations. Better ask him to do something, even watching a movie or other more active, for instance, go together in the pool, play chess and use your imagination.


Rule # 6. Women are much better than men speaking about intuition. Men are not so quick-witted and can not read thoughts, alas! Therefore, specifically, the straighter the better, if you are not satisfied with his behavior or what you are missing, do not expect that he will guess himself. If your words sound like an accusation, say in such a way, for example, “I'm upset because I did not receive a gift for our wedding anniversary”. Instead of: “You ruined my mood, giving me nothing!” If you are so upset that you find it difficult to control yourself, don't get sensitive on him your bad mood – it is better to call for help, he will be pleased to help you to cope with troubles.

Rule # 7. Give him the right to his personal space, activities. Do not break into his personal territory – for example, an office or desk at home, don't take his personal interests and communicating with people who are sympathetic to him, instead, adopt his interests, if you don't have such, so spend that time with your girlfriends. Periodically separate activities, this will only benefit your marriage, in the end, the stamp in the registry office does not mean that you are now Siamese twins. If your man wants to be alone – don't take this as a deterioration of relations or loss of confidence, it's possible that he just needs to gather his thoughts, make a decision, to sort through, to relax in solitude. Leave him alone for a while. This is a purely masculine behaviour to solve problems or to think about something alone, while the woman is more pleasant to turn to the support of friends. Do not try to control him – he's not a child, he will want still make in his own way.

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Rule # 8. As mentioned above, the man is making much more efforts on activities outside the home than in the family, and he has many reasons. Happiness is not just when a man earns money and provides material family members – he does what he likes, embodies his dreams, risks, dares, fights to be a winner. So nature intended: the feminine is necessary to secure and preserve the species, and the male – to convert, discovery, capture new experiments, risk; therefore, routine and aimless existence affects men negatively, prevents them from flying, exciting taste of battle, the sweetness of the goals and the chance to become a leader in something. If your man has not yet found his goal, gently help him to find it, do what he likes even if at first you will lose financially. Support him, let him know that you believe in him and will always be his rear. Believe us, his gratitude will not be forthcoming. After all, behind every great man, there is an equally great woman.

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