How to kiss: 10 DOs and DON'Ts for Nigerians

Want to be a good lover? Master kissing! Our 10 top kissing DOs and DON'T provide a complete guide on this topic.

What do you think of, when you dream of kissing? Would it be a pleasure, romance or maybe embarrassment, because you have no clue how to kiss? This post would impart you with how to kiss knowledge and equip you with some useful kissing tips to make you an exceptional kisser.

how to kiss

Get ready – kissing preparation

Kissing is something very personal and intimate. It can be deemed as one of the gentlest and the most intimate types of caresses. That is why learning how to kiss you should get prepared for the process. First of all, a good kisser would consider his or her partner and their pleasure the most.

preparing to kissYou aim in kissing is to get them as relaxed and as easy, as you can to enjoy this process, because kissing can be a decisive factor in any intimate relationships. So, we start with some practical preparation kissing tips. Here is what you do before you plan on kissing:

  • Brush and clean your teeth and mouth well;
  • Do not eat smelling food or spices, such as garlic, onions, etc.;
  • For guys, make sure your cheeks are not bristly and are nice to touch;
  • Take good care of your lips well, make them soft; peel off all the cracked skin;
  • Smell nice, because human mouth is full of receptor, which can detect smell as well as taste.

How to kiss for the first time ever or with a new datefirst kiss tips

It might be you never kissed before or just with this new date, all the kissing tips given above should be followed to the letter.

Once you get yourself ready to kiss, it’s time to master the kissing technique, specifically if you wish to know how to kiss for the first time.


Kissing has to be voluntary on both parts and there should be no mistake on that. The problem is how do you figure out when your date is ready for a kiss?  

  • You get constant and flirty eye to eye contact with your date;
  • They may draw nearer to you or touch you in a more intimate way;
  • Their eyes’ expression becomes softer;
  • They slightly bite or lick their lips;
  • They pause often during the conversation leaning towards you;
  • You feel more engaged and confident to try a kiss.

If still do not know when you can go head and kiss your date or how to kiss, look for these signs and their combination. Make sure to not base your initiative on just one of them; look for a combination of these signs.  

Give your date hints about your desires

If you are not sure how make a first kiss with your new date or when to do it, give them some hints on your intentions or desires. You may take the list provided above and show yourself all the signs described in it. This way you sort of notify your date of your intention and maybe even provoke them to make a first step. This is great especially if you do not know how to kiss for the first time.  

Kissing technique: make it sweet!

kissing dos and don'ts

Surely, there is more than just one type of kiss you may do. And there are some key things you should or should not do, when kissing. Do not forget that this pleasant process may end you up building up the relations with your date or turning them away from you. There is no need to rush it. Let’s get some real life kissing tips here.

10 Kissing dos and don’ts or how to kiss for the first time

kissing dos and dont's



  • Start by touching your date, hugging and putting your arms around them
  • Avoid touching the most sensitive body parts and zone to make your kiss more romantic and sophisticated
  • Show your feelings and affection in your gaze; look softly and gently at them
  • Do not go straight ahead to kissing; it may shock your date
  • Help your date to take a “kiss inviting” position; the one they would be comfortable with standing or sitting down
  • Do not bend your partner or press them too hard making them uncomfortable. Kissing has to be enjoyable, so make sure they do not fill discomfort in that position
  • Put few gentle kisses on his or her cheek or neck. This would clearly indicate your intention and put your date at ease
  • Do not start with a deep kiss right away
  • Whisper some gentle words or a compliment
  • Do not say something too erotic
  • When you learn how to kiss with a new girl or boyfriend first time ever, use your lips only in that kiss
  • Do not use your tongue and do not touch their tongue or teeth at first
  • Gently touch your date lips with your lips, press them down and gently
  • Avoid taking their lips between your lips at first
  • Make a short and gentle kiss as first
  • Do not press her or his nose to hard, so your date would have a way of easy breathing during the kiss
  • End the kiss with some gentle words and hugs
  • Do not go for more here and now; wait till the next kiss
  • Try to make a “dry” kiss with little saliva spread on your partner.
  • Do not go from kissing right to making love.

10 most popular kissing types:

Not all the kissing is the same. Some kisses were invented in different parts of the world, while others are pretty universal and innate even to animals!

  1. Romantic kiss;types of kisses

  2. Plain kiss;

  3. Mouth fighting kiss;

  4. Playful kiss;

  5. Teeth kiss;

  6. Frenchy kiss;

  7. Shy kiss;

  8. King’s kiss;

  9. Passion kiss;

  10. Open flower kiss.

10 kissing facts

These facts on how to kiss are not just fun. Some of them are plainly amazing. Scientists have discovered that kissing can do wonders for your health and relations. Let’s get some of these amazing facts: 

top kissing facts

  1. Kisses help to boost sexual desire in partners (it promotes a chemical reaction and production of dopamine hormone);
  2. Kisses help to burn calories and make your fitter (one kiss can burn up to 26 calories, so, just count how many you wish to burn and go for it);
  3. Kissing can add you years of life (I guess kissing reduces stress, relaxes and boosts our level of wellbeing, all these things are crucial for longevity)
    This tips produces the best results for male health. The research showed that kissing your wife in the morning can add up to 5 years of life!;
  4. Ninety percent of all people in the world kiss (although the types of kisses vary from place to place);
  5. It is believed the first kiss was practiced in India over 3 thousand years ago;

  6. People’s mouths are full of bacteria. During one 10 sec kiss you can get up to 80 million of these small inhabitants from your kissing partner. The good news is most of them you already have and they are not dangerous for one’s health;
  7. Animals also kiss. Some of their kissing (like monkeys) is pretty similar to human way. They can kiss to reconcile after a fight. Some of the other kissing animals are elephants;
  8. Kissing helps cleaning the teeth and keeping them healthy;
  9. First kiss has high chances of turning your partner away from you. This happens if they do not like the smell or taste of the kiss;
  10. In some countries you can get arrested for kissing in public, even if you kiss your own wife or husband.

These kissing tips would come to your rescue and help you overcome your nervousness and enjoy dating to the fullest.  Mastering kissing makes you more confident, sophisticated and desirable as dating partner.

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Great kissing can help you to develop your affairs and create many romantic memories.Go through a quick kissing test with this video:


Wow, that's a real master class in kisses. I love kissing, and indeed, it is a very intimate moment for me. When I kiss your partner always take care that the mouth was no foreign smell, but rather a pleasant and inviting. By the way, I am also the first time I read about the first kiss in the world. For some reason I always thought that there was a kiss from France, it's very romantic country, but alas, no. By the way on through kissing animals never seen to kiss. In addition to the monkeys of course))) Probably, very funny looks.

Answered 1 year ago.

Never heard about the first ever kiss that was made in India. Kissing is actually very personal and private activity. I first kissed a boy when i was 16 and since that time i have never had such a passionate kisses, even with my husband, can you believe that?

Probably the very first kiss is especially important in girl’s life. This kiss was so full of life, I have never forget it. Now these advices are so useful how to make your partner comfortable about kisses. Brushing teeth even several times a day and using special sprays is nice

Answered 2 years ago.

Never heard about the firsteverkiss that was made in India. Kissing is actually very personal and private activiti. I firstkissed a boy when i was 16 and since thattime i have never hadsuch a passionate kisses, even with my husband, can you believe that?

Probably thevery first kiss is especially importent in girl`s life. This kiss was so full of life, i havenever forget it. Now theseadvices are so useful how to make your partner somfortable about kisses.

Answered 2 years ago.
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