How to kiss a guy's body to turn him on?

Men can't resist the kisses. To initiate a man with kissing can any woman. Enough to pick up the approach to your brave knight and to guess what the erogenous points on his body are most respond to touch. Do you want to be the best for your man? Read this article to find out the answer!

kisses for man

As you know, sex is an important part of the relations between men. If you just started dating or your sex life has stalled, try to diversify it with kisses. Don't be surprised, but you will learn how to turn out your boyfriend and make your sexual life more diverse.

There are many techniques of kissing, to whom no guy can resist.

Many women are embarrassed to show their abilities because they are afraid of condemnation from their partner. If the relationship is just beginning, the woman doesn`t want to look too vulgar and uninhibited. New technologies of kisses can arouse an unhealthy suspicion among the permanent men that think about cheating. However, with the right approach, the man not only did not suspect anything but will treat his lady better, kinder and more caring. The main thing is to overcome the first embarrassment which quickly replaced by the desire to have the pleasure and make pleasant to your loved one.

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When to start?

Kissing is not just lips touching, but a particular ordinance that can give you and your partner an unforgettable pleasure. Men, like women, like when they gently kiss. Eyelids, cheeks, nose, neck, and spine are those parts of a body which are dreamed about the pleasure and touching. If your guy has a piercing – don't be afraid to play with it with your tongue. The fingers and palms, thighs and stomach, are those erogenous zones that must be stimulated. If you trust your partner shouldn`t be limited to kiss on the lips, and start to experiment.


How to excite a guy with a kiss?

The beginning of your exciting action lies in a kiss on the lips. But it shouldn`t be a simple kiss. Gently touch the partner's lips, change soft kisses more passionate. Combined kissing like all men – don't be afraid to play your tongue.  To quickly turn out the guy, stroke his body with a delicate touch.
If you put the maximum of your feelings and emotions in a kiss, without a doubt, your partner will quickly get excited. Remember – the kiss combines the work of not only the lips but also tongue. Play with the man`s tongue, you can start to gently nibble his lips then pat his lips with the tip of your tongue. Don't forget that men have a lot of erogenous zones that can be stimulated during kissing. Pat the back, head and hips of your partner – he will love it.

kisses for men

Erotic zones for kissing

After you are well practiced in kissing on the lips, you are able not only to excite your man but also take pleasure by yourself. It`s mean that you can move on ahead. The man`s body contains not less erotic zones than the female. Don`t abandon a bonus – you need to stimulate these areas with your tongue.


#1 Neck

This area is one of the most sensual for men. To excite a guy with a kiss, begin to kiss the neck side. The whole area from the beginning of the ears to the base of the shoulder is very sensual. Alternate soft kisses with a passionate tingling, biting and licking.

#2 Ears

Ears have a huge number of erogenous zones, by touching which is quite easy to excite any man. But simple kissing won`t be able to stimulate your partner, so you need to prepare the erogenous zones. Swipe the tips of your tongue around the ear down to the lobe, catch it a little bit with teeth and pull to yourself. Repeat this procedure several times, and the man will turn out.

turn out your man

#3 Hands

Hands have one big erotic point - the fingers. A lot of men like gentle kisses on the tips of the fingers and between them. You can suck a little the tip of the fingers. It can overwhelm your partner.

#4 Nipples

Male nipples are not less sensitive to touch than women. Caress them with the tip of your tongue, lick gently or bite.


#5 Stomach 

Stomach has a big sensitive area, which is located between the navel and groin. You have to pay attention to this area preferably before the intercourse because your man can be initiated in a matter of seconds.

#6 Knees

Kiss this area softly and slowly. To enhance the effect, you can alternate your kisses with blowing on them.


#7 Spine

Men are very intimate from gentle touches to the spine as well as kisses. Before you begin to bestow the men`s spine with kissing, it is desirable to pre-massage this area. Start massage from the neck and go down lower and lower.

Practical tips for kissing

Despite the fact that kissing can quickly intimate a man, we shouldn`t forget about the other ways. To burn the erotic flame, you should use gentle touching and licking. You should also know that parts of the body, which are at least having little hair, are very sensitive to any touch.

Tease him

Sometimes a light teasing can turn out your man. You shouldn`t kiss him immediately, firstly approach to his lips and then slightly pull the head back. Then approach again in a few second. A lot of men are turned out by a slight playful teasing.

tease him

While kissing touch his face

The face is a very sensitive area. Kissing him on the lips or neck, move your hand to his face. Gently run your hand over his cheeks and chin. Often men feel sexual pleasure through touching. Run a hand through his hair and gently swipe across them with your fingers.


The best way to turn out a man and to establish physical contact is communication. Talk to your man about what he likes and dislikes. Be honest and gradually go on to discussing physical desires. Such open communication will lead to more intimate and exciting kisses.


When it comes to kissing and intimacy, do only what will give you a pleasure in a particular time. To pay your attention to the tips - of course, great, but you should always act according to the situation. Do you agree that it`s better when it happen naturally?


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