How to last longer in bed?

Are there methods that can provide men to last longer in bed? How to last longer in bed? What is a special technique for that?


Paulo Coelho said in his famous book that the ideal sex should last eleven minutes. Moreover, this idea was so important that even the book has received an appropriate name. However, many couples will argue with this view and, of course, they will be right because the question of how to deal with this, so that how to last longer really gives an interest to many. Of course, the question of how to last longer in bed is more important for men, because the powers are not unlimited, and provide pleasure to the woman he loves is still desirable. Although there are some things that depend on the beautiful half of humanity.

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So, consider a few basic rules to achieve goals.

The first rule is a regularity


Practice shows that to achieve a great success in the bed, you desirably need to avoid long breaks. Lack of practice is not the only reason, as a consequence, it`s a loss of skills. Lack of regular lovemaking directly affects the duration of the subsequent sexual acts, and this is proven by medicine. The result of a long break up after previous sex in man`s body can be crucial as it directly effects on the testosterone production.

The second rule is a permanent partner


As soon as the couple starts to live a sexual life, partners adapt to each other, study the desires and habits. In order to last longer in bed for a long time, your partner needs to feel you, and this condition is hardly feasible with a casual acquaintance.

The third rule is health


As corny as it may sound, but the duration of sex also depends on partner`s and your health conditions, as any disease is a severe blow to the genital organs. Sexually transmitted disease are also included in the list.

The fourth rule is an adequate nutrition


Paying more attention to proper diet is needed, adjust properly your nutrition habits. Especially useful would be green products, food containing aphrodisiacs, like meat, fish, nuts, seafood, olive oil, sour fruits and green vegetables. No alcohol included especially beer, as the alcohol abuse is not desirable because, in addition to looking unattractive beer belly, this drink is also filled with a reduction in the manufacturing of sex hormones.

The fifth rule is a firm "no" smoking


A pack of cigarettes always has a mantra: "Smoking causes impotence." This is true.  Nicotine blocks blood vessels, it is gradually becoming a cause of impotence. It may not that obvious on fist steps of smoking, but the last longer in bed is out of option in this matter.

Sixth rule – use condoms


For lasting longer use condoms, also it protects you from sexually transmitted diseases. It gives you more protection from childbirth and also provides feeling to keep longer standing.

The seventh rule is the technique


For the last longer, you need to use a special compression technique . When the juice is about to come to the surface, it`s advised to use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the head in the area where it is fused with the Tarzan chord. Your partner may also provide you such pleasure.

The eighth rule is exercising


You  should exercise during the sex and prior to sex. The Nice and sexy body is also one of the key elements for lasting longer. Try to take some jogging in mornings or use local GYM to bust your powers. Everyday exercise provides more productivity of hormones needed for sexual health.

The ninth rule is using the toilet


Prior to starting a sex journey, you may visit the toilet to do your things. The method is effective for most men, thanks to this, you significantly delay ejaculation. Also, many are advised to masturbate before sex, but here the main thing is not to overdo. You should be in the condition to provide effectiveness in the bed to fulfill the dual program.

The tenth rule is using foreplay


Always do a right thing to please your lady first, that`s how you may last longer in bed before putting any major efforts.

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