How to lose virginity without pain

The question of virginity and disvirgining worries many men and women. Get some answers and tips on how to do it and have no pain.

This question is often times asked both by men and women. Especially ladies worry over the question: will losing my virginity hurt and how to lose virginity without pain. Let us get a detailed answer to these questions.

How to lose virginity without pain

What is virginity?

The concept of virginity cannot be brought down solely to physiology. Basically virginity is the absence of sexual experience in a person, but today sex has a pretty broad definition. It is not just cut down to coitus or inserting penis into vagina. There is the anal sex and oral sex and all kinds of sex. So, it is really hard to say if a person if virgin judging by their hymen or foreskin.

what is virginity

In the classic case female virginity is mainly defined by the presence of unbroken hymen. What is hymen in female? Basically hymen is a barrier that stands between the inner organs and outer world. it is a thin piece of flesh that covers up the entrance to the vagina. It has an opening in it, so the virgin girl can see her period.

Hymen is elastic and it can be stretched so even after sex a girl may still have it. Such cases are rare, but they do happen. Still, hymen is fragile and at times girls rip it playing or lifting heavy things. So, a girl may still be a virgin, but have no hymen. If you disvirgin a girl, it does mean you break the hymen, if she has one and some bleeding occurs. But that is not a must.

Male virginity is another concept to deal with. It simply means a man has never inserted his penis into a vagina. Losing male virginity can be painful, too. The foreskin may sit tightly on the bellend and when the organ is pushed through vagina, it may get torn or just stretched. Such a process may be painful.

How virginity is lost

who virginity is lost

Even though different cultures may have a range of ideas of what sex is, but traditionally it is an interaction between a man and a woman. At this the man pushes his penis into her vagina and disvirgins a woman (and himself, if he is still virgin). This is called sexual intercourse or coitus. Broken hymen is considered to be a symbol of lost virginity in women.

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How to lose virginity without pain – 5 best tips

how to disvirgin

If no preparation is done, disvigining could hurt. That is why many women want to know: will losing my virginity hurt. So, here is a list of things you could do to make it less painful and prepare:

  1. Get a lubricant
    Lube is something a man applies to his penis before inserting it into lady’s vagina. If both people are sexually aroused, they both produce the lube, but in the case with a virgin lady that is unlikely. Her vagina is not ready to produce enough lubrication to make sex smooth and painless.
    So, if you plan on disvirgining a girl, get some lubricant. Better pick the water based one vs. oil based lube. And avoid getting colored or smelly products, as they have many chemical additions in them.
    sex lubricant to deflorate
  2. Train your Kegel muscles
    Both men and women have them. In ladies these muscles can be easily trained. If you learn to strain or relax them, you can make defloration less painful.
  3. Do self-massage
    A lady should gently massage her private part to make the muscles and tissue more elastic. If they stretch easily, she experiences less pain.
  4. Pick the right position
    Often times classic missionary position is the worst and most painful for disvigining a woman. The best and less painful one is considered to be when a woman stands on fours and a man comes from behind. A doggy style position. It greatly reduces the pain in a woman.
  5. Go slow
    Some people ask how to lose virginity fast? It is not a good idea. The faster you go, the more it hurts. So, take your time. Do not leave the foreplay out. Go slow and treat each other nicely and with love.
    losing viginity with no pain

Where to lose your virginity

Another important question to ask. The best answer is in your marriage, on the first night after the wedding and in your bed, where you can get comfortable and be at ease. And with the person you really love and care for. Someone committed to you and respecting you enough to make the pain go away.

Is virginity important?

virginity quote

In many religions such as Christianity or Islam virginity is especially valued but for different reasons. In some cases, this idea is placed above everything else and way above love and true affection. Many men ask: can hymen grow back? Well, today women can do surgeries to restore they hymen. Doctors simply sew it up and a woman may look like she has never been disvirgened before. So, the true concept of virginity is not about the body or hymen, but rather about the moral purity and integrity of a person.

Hopefully, this information would help you in your relationships and make your love and life better.  


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Answered 5 months ago.

Well, in this article, many people can find something useful for yourself, learn something new or to get an answer for a long time on an interesting question. I believe that each person has their own characteristics. Someone loses virginity painful, someone on the contrary, without pain. Much depends on the body, but also not insignificant factor is the behavior of the partner. Is there an experienced partner, he will try to make the first intimacy girl painless and will try to deliver maximum enjoyment. Do not get hung up on this, relax, and the partner will do everything himself.

Answered 1 year ago.

Virginity? To a great value for girls, and to lose it? To a big step. Pain for every girl feels differently from someone єllastichnee skin and less painful to have someone with blood and unbearable pain. Men also are afraid to deal with a virgin, as it falls the responsibility for the girl. But there are different people who is not appreciated, and if a girl 15 years old and still a virgin, that is a shame. In my opinion she should take care of yourself to a certain point and men. That is my opinion.

Answered 1 year ago.

buy at the pharmacy sexual lubricant gel. It is inexpensive and affordable even to students. In most cases, because of the excitement moistening of the vagina does not occur, so the introduction of a member "; dry"; coupled with the rupture of the hymen will cause you additional pain. Further frictions "; dry"; also will not bring you anything but pain. Remember that the sensitivity of the penis is much lower than the vagina, so you will RUB till it bleeds dry the walls of the vagina, than a guy will notice it. Liberally coat the member and the vestibule, if necessary, repeat this several times. Lubrication is never too much.

Preferred pose - any, when the angle of the input member in the vertical and horizontal directions coincide with the direction of the vagina. Usually this pose is on her back with wide apart and raised legs, when the entrance of the vagina open as much as possible, and the partner is on top. However, the lack of control over the situation and fear often lead to spasm of the vaginal sphincter, and makes the process very exhausting for both partners. So according to many women preferred the position of the rider when the virgin is sitting on a partner. So she fully controls the situation, that promotes relaxation and facilitate defloration.

Answered 1 year ago.

I think it is very important to lose virginity with someone you love. Because she can later life regret that it happened carelessly. The main thing to trust and love. You just need to relax and enjoy a pleasant, though for the first time, as a rule, it hurts. Of course, much depends on the man. If he is rude and without patience - nothing good will come. Romantic atmosphere to relax a little. It should be the desire of two, instead of one, and then everything will turn out. If the guy does not have experience in sex will be harder

Answered 1 year ago.
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