How to love: 5 best ways to show your love in Nigeria

We all are after love in life. Find out how you can give others what they crave after.

One of the fundamental human psychological needs is love. No wonder so many Nigerians ask: how to love? Where there is no love, there is no life. Love is the first thing a human being should meet in this world. And love should be the loyal companion that guides and guards a person through all the years, stages and troubles of life.

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The meaning of love

 Love is a multi-level experience. Of course presently many people wish to know, how to make love to a girl or to a man. But love is not all about sex. Surely, love involves our bodies and their interaction we call “making love”. It goes much deeper than that. This would be a good definition of love. Love is the affection born in one’s heart. It manifests itself through desires, feelings, drives, words and actions towards the object of love. It works for the good of the one we love.

How to love in NigeriaLove can be so easily confused with lust. Yes, love has something to give and something to receive, but lust only takes and consumes giving nothing in return. When people take lust for love they reap some very grave consequences in their lives. True love is the unconditional love. It gets you through good and bad times. And true love demands certain expressions; it is not enough to say: I love you. Love is the best action motivator in the world. So, what are some of the best ways to show your love? There no one fits all solution. These ways can be different for men and for women.

5 best tips for a man to show your love

  1. Talk to her
    If men love with their eyes, women love with their ears. This means they love to be told: I love you. Yes, you did tell her that when you just got married. Would it cost you a fortune to repeat this phrase once in a while?

    In reality, it’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to show love to your woman. Say something nice to her every time you come back from work. Ask her how she is doing. It’s not much work after all, just give her a chance to talk and then relax and listen. She’ll do the job; she’ll pour her heart out and what is the best, she’ll give you the credit for it. Women love attentive and caring men.
    How to love 5 best ways 
  2. Be loyal
    Every woman craves to be the best and the only one for her man. Being unfaithful or too loyal to other women may give her much pain. Yes, she may not tell you she saw you with that pretty girl from your office.

    Still hear heart would be broken and it may get bitter. The book of Proverbs tells us that it is better to live up on the roof than with a bitter and frustrated woman in the house. After all love and faithfulness pay back the best.
     best ways to show your love i  
  3. Pamper her
    Be generous. Some men tend to get stingy. It does not mean you have to squander money. Just get her a small gift once in a while. Yes, you married her, but this does not mean you should stop courting her.

    You do not have to spend a fortune on your woman, but just show her how much you value her and how much you care with little pleasant surprises and gifts.
     love in Nigeria Pamper her
  4. Praise her
    Women are too created after the image of God. They are very sensitive to praise. She has cooked a great meal for you? Just tell her so. Praise her in front of the kids and other people. Give her credit for her hard work keeping the house, raising kids and still staying that pretty girl you love.
    Praise her
  5. Comfort her
    Women are much more emotional than men. A thing that might go unnoticed by you, could make her cry. Just be kind to her even if you do not understand what the trouble is. That’s one reason she fell in love with you: she needed someone strong to come along and be comfort her in her life sorrows.
    Comfort her

    Even when you are away from home drop her some love text messages to encourage and comfort her. She will surely appreciate you and pay back with her ways of expressing that love for you.

5 best tips for a woman to show your love

  1. Dress up for him
    Men love with their eyes. Simply put they love what they see. It may take you to go an extra mile to please your man, but it is worth it. Do not just tell him how much you love him. Show him how much you care.

    Do something special for him. Put on your very best dress he really likes. Do your makeup and hair just for him. It is amazing how women in western communities dress up for outings, but are not willing to do even a little thing for their own men. They get all made up to go shopping with their girlfriends and wear something comfortable and unappetizing while at home with their husbands.

    Avoid this mistake. Always dress up and get made up for YOUR man. He will surely appreciate it and you will show him your love in a very practical fashion. That’s the way to make fashion practical!
    Dress up for him
  2. Cook for him
    Men love good food and not only the Nigerian ones. All men love good food. It’s true. So, why not do something and improve or perfect your culinary skills? Yes, it may sound a bit like old days, but after all, what do you have to lose?

    Cooking can be creative and enjoyable, if you only go the right way about it. For one, it gets you more time to hang out online. Just say: I am looking up a new and tasty recipe for you, honey. And then you can meet new friends and make new acquaintances on culinary blogs. You may ask questions, get answers, find new friends there and just have fun. And, you can share your kitchen masterpieces with the whole online community and become popular after all.

    So, just stop arguing and get to work. If you already know how to cook, fetch a new recipe and surprise your family and your man. If you still are not that handy with cooking, time to get busy. Get your friend, your ma or your computer to the kitchen and master the art. A well fed man would hardly look aside from his home to find good food somewhere else.  
    Cook for him
  3. Make love to him
    Cooking is great, but hardly any man would trait good sex for a good meal. Did you know men search such topics online as: how to be a great lover? Your goal is to become the best lover in the universe for your man. It’s the surest way to learn how to love him.

    Learn his handles, get an idea of what he loves the best. Yes, traditional ways work the best in cooking, but they may not work well in bed. Always be ready and prepared to make love to your man. Get some appetizing underwear. Do not think you’ve got him once and for all. Remember how you attracted your man? How you flirted with him and caught his attention? It’s not over yet. Dust your flirting skills and go for it.
    Make love to him
  4. Let him be the boss
    Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Still the Bible teaches us that the man is the head of the woman. Let him feel that. Men love to feel authority and power. He does not always have to have the last word in everything. A wise woman knows how to pass her opinion for his. Remember, you are not there to compete with him, but to complete him.

    He’s got enough competition with other men and women at his job. What he wants to find at home is someone who supports him and loves him with an unconditional love.
    Let him be the boss
  5. Praise him
    You know, men are just like God, they love to be praised. God loves when we praise Him and your man is created in His image. So, daily find something to praise your man for. If you think there is nothing to find, you might be overcome with negative thinking.

    There is always something good in a person, especially in the one you love. If you do not praise him, that woman at his work may get on his ears and do the job. Would you like that? So, if nothing comes to your mind right now take your time and put a list of things you really like about your man and give him credit for them.
    Praise him

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Love mistakes to avoid

Now you know how to love, but how about the things to avoid? Daily humdrum of life can make it so ordinary. Remember, when you just fell in love you felt like flying and crying and laughing all at once? The sun used to shine so bright for you two. The sun is still there, only a small cloud may have run over it. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in love.

They forget the sun and focus on the cloud. If you follow the above ways to show your love to one another, you can keep the fire up and carry that love throughout your entire life. Remember love does not grow old if you do not let your heart to grow cold. 


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Hail Baphomet

Answered 9 months ago.

Indeed, love is often confused with lust and love. When you realize that it is "your" man that he is to you that a person well just keep quiet - this is love. Tips given above - right. I read them and understand what they do for their men are exactly as written. And it is not a burden but a joy. I want to please a loved one, to present some kind of surprise. He also tries to me. But the most valuable, with some trepidation, tenderness and care to treat, experiencing that wore a hat and forgot to eat. I feel like a child. Appreciate and respect each other, store loyalty.

Answered 1 year ago.

Love - is the most wonderful feeling a person can experience. Love gives us the power to create, to work, to do good deeds. Love - this is a great driving force. This is life. Love is generated in the heart. It makes people happy and unhappy at the same time when it is not mutual. A person who loves trying to be the best. It is often confused with love the physical pleasure. But it is not. Love is more a state of mind. Do not be afraid of this feeling. About him to speak and otherwise affirm their actions and deeds.

Answered 1 year ago.

Love for me has always been what the spiritual untouchables, those who do not see but feel. Generous should not only be in love with a man, a woman should be gentle, then a woman for emotional man, fully agree, she checked on her experience. Just a shame when two people love each other passionately, and then divorced, and will melt completely estranged. I always dreamed that I had once and for all life, and my dream has come true, now I'm married, I have a loving husband, who is one of my madness. What they like to eat, it's true, hungry husband is very angry.

Answered 1 year ago.

These statements are rather fair and true to life. But wiht some of them I just can not completely agree. For example, that woman should let the man to be the boss. To my mind, to have a strong relationships and strong marrige, both woman and man should do all the things at the list from time to time. Sometimes woman should be at the head of the familly to have a possibility to feel that she is as musch important as a man. In some situations man also needs a great support, because it is very hard to be the strong and the boss all the time.

Answered 1 year ago.

love must be mutual and not only a man trying to do everything for a woman, and the woman wanted to make her man happy and give him a lot of pleasant emotions. need to spend more time together, doing chores together, too, sometimes even spoiling each other romantic dates or unexpected pleasant surprises. need to store each other fidelity, and generally just love each other not only in words but also show their love and sincere feelings on the matter. after all, love is a wonderful feeling to give to your loved one.

Answered 1 year ago.
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