How to make a girl dislike you?

What should the guy make so the girl stopped liking him? What actions and traits of character irritate the girl most of all? Read the article to learn the best tips how to get rid of the importunate girl.

When a girl dislikes a guy

Some guys face a problem of persuasive girls. There is also a situation when feelings of the guy in relation to the girl have cooled down, but he doesn't want to cause pain. In that case, it is necessary to make so that the girl stop loving you. When a girl dislikes a guy, parting will be easier to overcome.

This is the list of qualities and signs of girl dislike you:

  • When the guy spends much time at the computer, it irritates the girl very much. You actually change her for movies and games. The girl begins to suffer from shortage of attention. Because of it, present many quarrels.
  • When phone constantly calls at the guy, it irritates the girl very much. The girl wants attention. What attention can be, if you constantly speak on phone? Therefore, be fond of telephone conversations, or don't switch-off mobile phone at the meeting if there is opportunity.

signs of girl dislike you

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  • The other thing what a girl dislikes is when the guy turns attention to other girls. She begins to be jealous, and also she can't simply understand you – why do you need someone, if you are with her? Therefore, try to look at other girls and don't hide it. Such actions by all means will anger even the most calm girl.
  • Very high self-assessment – such traits of character is what makes a girl dislike a guy. It is unpleasantly to be near the person who behaves as the king of the world. With such person, the girl begins to feel unnecessary.
  • Greed – all girls are frightened off by such trait of character. They want some gifts and surprises in the future. Therefore, try to behave as you are the biggest greedy person on the earth: collect checks, pay only your own bill at restaurant, never give her flowers and so on.

what a girl dislikes

  • To girl dislike you, be irresponsible – such line of your character just pulls down all hopes of the girl for future family life with you. According to the girls' opinion, as the man you are simply obliged to take responsibility for your acts, because they love resolute and self-assured guys. Wanna be abandoned? Miss several meetings with her with no reason.
  • Other quality what makes a girl dislike you is passivity. Girls love active guys. If you are passive, then the girl understands that in the future she should pull you for herself. And not each girl is ready to it.
  • The bad sense of humor – such negative quality very much irritates the girl. Therefore, try to joke less, or to joke so that it wasn't ridiculous to the girl.

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