How to make a girl wet without touching her?

Let's talk about how to add that sexy atmosphere to a date. The fact is that one of your main missions on a first date is to make a girl excited and... wet. Or at least make her think about you as a potential sexual partner in the future. If you don't do it, you can quickly get into the "just friends" list. It's not easy to get out of there!


Thus, the excitation can be triggered in two ways. First and reliable: to turn her on with touching. The second way is to make her wet with words, and here you need the right topics for conversation.

Of course, on a first date, it's inappropriate to suddenly start an intimate talk about sex positions. You risk to look very weird and ruin everything. However, you can use some proven topics that are kind of humorous and vulgar, but quite appropriate and able to make her think about you in a sexual way. Here're our five topics for conversation that will help you to make her wet without touching.

Accuse her of having sexual intentions towards you.

This works like a bomb! It causes an explosion of her emotions and puts her thoughts in the right direction. The main thing is timing; if do it in a wrong time you will screw up this topic. The point is that you can find a convenient time when her behavior can be interpreted as harassing or seducing you (as a joke, of course). For example, the girl can touch her hair in a feminine way or bend in front of you (show off her erotic bending and movements often can be her invisible weapon, especially when she likes you). When you catch her doing this, you can say, "Can you stop doing these erotic things? You can't seduce me this easy!" So, you have to jokingly accuse he in seducing you and at the same time hint that she'll need to try harder to turn you on. Be sure that she gets the joke and laughs. We assure you that for a second, she'll experience the idea of eroticism and seduction in relation to you, and that's good.

Make moves on her

Make provocative jokes about her tendency to masturbate often.

As a rule, all the people have subtle thickenings on the thumb and index finger of the right hand because of the pen handle (if a person is left-handed, then on the left). Especially students have very visible thickenings. Take her hand under a pretext to look at her fingers and pretend you're very surprised with her corns. Then say something like, "Wow, you like to satisfy yourself often!".

You can do a similar thing with the "British scientists." Try to recreate this dialogue:

- Do you know that according to the research by British scientists, 87% of women masturbate while washing in the bathroom?

- No, I don't know this.

- And the remaining 13% sing songs... Do you know what songs they sing?

- No, I guess I don't...

- Well, that means that you belong to the 87% that masturbate in the bathroom!

- Noo! I don't do anything except taking a shower! (And other excuses)

So, the point is clear.

Talk nicely

This topic is about the most extreme place for sex.

Don't start conversing on this topic straight from the beginning. It's better if you have had some kind of "warming up" on the sex topics. For example, you can choose some related topic. You can start talking about your last vacation, then gradually affect the holiday romance and gently bring up the fact that it is unusual and great to have sex in extreme conditions, for example, in the waves of the sea under the moonlight. And then start asking her questions, "Well, tell me, what was your most memorable extreme place for having sex?”

Talk about favorite porn of girls.

It's logical to start talking about this topic this way:

  • to start with, now we have an unhealthy tendency that girls are more inclined to bad habits than boys. This is actually the truth because girls smoke much more than boys nowadays. The same trend goes for alcohol. And of course, girls get addicted to porn more and more.
  • Then say that not only cigarettes and alcohol are a problem. Every second girl own a lot of porn videos at home! And not even classic porn, the girls tend to like watching the group sex, where there're two or more men on one girl.
  • Ask her about her opinion in porn and what porn she likes.
  • If she says she does not like porn, then close the topic.

She'll use her imagination

Mention the big size of your dick.

You should use this trick very carefully, almost accidentally. For example, she can ask you about your social media or meeting website profiles. You can reply that you're fed up with the questions about your dick on a dating site, so you finally had to remove the status "more than 20 cm" and now you agree only to spiritual communion. Then, you need to start talking about something else, so the girl doesn't think you're showing off. If she keeps asking you about the size of your penis, then everything goes right. Here you need to answer briefly and quietly to show that for you it's not a sore subject, but just an ordinary fact.

Talk about your dick

If you know her well, the advice is very simple. Talk to her about sex.

Learn to speak in the way that will make your girl orgasm from your words. It is not a miracle, but a sensual visualization of sex. The right look, the necessary pause, tension, desire - those are the things that will help you. Ask her what she likes! You don't need to talk only about sex because she'll think that's the only thing you need. Just don't forget to mention it.

These were certainly not all topics which you can use to make a girl wet without touching, but they're great because they are battle-tested and work on any girl.

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