How to make a man earn more - Top 10 methods

Dream to make your husband earn more? Should a man earn more than his wife? What tips are the best? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about stimulating your man here!

I earn more than my man

The topic ‘I earn more than my man’ is very wide-spread nowadays. A husband earns a little and does not seek a way to change it, and the wife in this case counts every penny, saving even on the essentials. In this case, the family situation is critical. So a wife is not happy with this situation at all, and the husband is happy with everything.

The main moment in this problem is the role of woman and man in the family. Since the ancient times, the wife is homemaker, mom, pure tenderness and also love. The husband is strength, protection, support, power, prosperity, and ‘a stone wall’.

Should a man earn more than his wife?

successful man

The case of women is to establish a life, the men’s one is to earn money. Once there is money in the house, the lady instinctively begins to build her nest, once a woman ceases to maintain any comfort in the house, a man ceases to provide money to this home. Vicious circle.

Some women in such situations have a thought that it would be easier economically to live without a husband. He ‘costs’ more than his income. You have to forget about the cosmetics, new things. But it is not worth doing. This path will lead to a deep hole from which you will not have the opportunity to find a way out. The husband may cease to see a woman in his wife, he will cease to respect her. He sits on her neck and does not take into account her needs.

What should you do to make your husband earn more money? Top 10 methods

Should a man earn more

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• Do not get divorced. To earn a good husband, you need to do a lot of things to motivate him.

• Stop work hard yourself. You may have to live from hand to mouth for a while, but it is the most effective method to reach the goal, explaining that he is your breadwinner. In addition, if a lady acts as an earner, she will not be able to spend much time with children and it will make her to regret it bitterly later.

rich man

• Dream and make plans for your future together in order to know that it is worth to work harder. If it does not help, you can create list of wants and write there whatever you want without filtering out anything. Draw a map of desires. Glue on some sheets of paper clippings from magazines, newspapers. For example, the new TV, sandy beach with palm trees, a new car, etc.

• Save money in a right way. As it was mentioned earlier, you should not limit yourself and loved ones around. Rigid economy goes before a fall. You should simply forget about the impulsive purchase, do the planning costs and keep them under control.

man with money

• Let the husband feel the shortage of funds himself. He should wear his old clothes. Do not put his favorite sausages in the refrigerator. It will work better than a hundredth reminder that you need to buy new baby shoes or coat. And let him go to the parent meeting at school, there is also demand of money.

• Give financial management reins to your husband. Let him make spending plans and learn how much money a family spends per month, the store price. And he will learn what your family can really afford on his salary.

rich husband

• Appreciate your husband and recognize his authority. Leading gene is in the blood of men. If you let go the control of the family business, after a while husband takes the responsibility. The main idea is to wait. Any man is seeking for his own delight, he wants to know that he is the best.

• And, of course, the praise. In general, for a start it would be a simple gratitude for the delicious coffee in the morning. Do not compare and do not insult your husband - it can undermine his credibility.

holding money

• Talk. If you have the honest relationship with your beloved husband, it will be enough to have a long conversation about the designation of your plan for future. For example, if the family wants to relax in the exotic country in the summer, you need to get a certain amount of money. You can save money, if you put off a few thousand every month. And what should you do? Get money from the family budget? Should you start saving money? Or to find a new part time job? Decide together.

• Give birth to children. This can become one of the strongest incentives for husband to start bringing money home. And the more you have kids - the better. The primitive instinct of earner, the hunter appears in even modern civilized men.

happy wife

Forget about the role of the earner (you must create a nest, but not make money); this is really wrong way out of this serious situation. It is important to make your man successful, self-sufficient man, a leader and, of course, happy head of the family. You should not forget about the feelings of your man too.


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