How to make a woman come – best how to sex tips

Do you know how to give a pleasure in a bed to the girl? Our advices will help to you to bring your woman to pleasure peak!

Young men who have not too wide experience of communication with women are often upset that they can't bring their girlfriend to orgasm. Most often it happens because they are too hurry, while the woman needs more time to get a great pleasure. Now you’ll learn some tips about how to sex.

how to make a woman happy in bed

    1. To bring the girl to orgasm, provide her feeling of safety and comfort near you. To enjoy in a bed, your partner needs to trust in her young man. If you are familiar with your girlfriend not so long, give to the woman time to get used to you. Moral comfort and tranquility is the main component of female orgasm. Is it is important that the place where you will make love, is rather comfortable that the girl feel weakened in it.

    how to make a woman ejaculate

    2. One more way how to make a woman happy in bed is to warm feet of her legs. According to some scientists, the girl with well-warmed feet has more chances to have an orgasm. For this purpose, make her massage of foot with using of some warming gel or oil. Pay attention to small pillows of fingers, because a space between them is responsible for removal of stressful fortune and all feelings, which the girl has during erotic process. It is necessary to pay more attention to the excitement of the girl. Only this way can give her pleasure.

    how to make a woman come fast

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    3. Don't forget about erogenous zones of your partner. Watch her reactions in bed. Change of breath frequency and groan allow the partner to reveal hyper-sensible sites. Pay attention that prelude is very important for women in sexual proximity. Caress, kisses and gentle words are good way if you don't know how to make a woman ejaculate. It gives a chance to the girl to experience sexual excitement and then to relax near you. You shouldn't forget about caress. The prelude has to last long. It is necessary to allow it to reach the peak. It is obligatory to spend not less than 40 minutes of time for it.

    female orgasm

    4. There is a fine way how to make a woman come fast. It is oral sex. Many women assure that only by means of cunnilingus or oral caresses of the breast they reach an orgasm. It is also possible to apply stimulation by fingers. Other hand can be used to caress the girl's body. Listen to her reaction. So you will understand what actions bring to your darling pleasure and which – don't. If orgasm didn't happen yet, it is possible to try to stimulate G point.

    how to sex

    5. During sexual intercourse, you shouldn't enter a penis deeply at once. Top part of sex organ is more sensitive at many women. It is also worth paying attention to it. Enter a penis slowly, without hurrying. Some poses can be also unpleasant and painful for the girl. It's better to know about them in advance, in a straight talk better. Then all preliminary efforts won't be wasted. Each woman can have her favorite pose in sex and if to learn about it prior to sexual intercourse, it is possible to bring her to pleasure very quickly!


    To ensure that you give pleasure to the girl, note her breathing, the eyes, the movement of the pelvis. If breathing is quickened, and the eyelids are hooded and have you noticed that the girl pressed against you pubic area, moving her hips - a sure sign of strong sexual arousal. As a clear symptom is the discharge (lubrication) of the vagina. However, some girls have discharge not enough for painless intercourse, so be sure to have a good lubricant that you can buy in the pharmacy or in a sex shop.

    Oral sex

    To give a girl maximum pleasure in bed, if you don't mind oral sex, we pay great attention to the sexual organs. Kiss, caress, lick, first around big labia, tease her, then they labia, locate and engage her Clit, spread your fingers large labia and polite small and the entrance of the vagina - this will make your girl go crazy with desire and pleasure.

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