How to make a woman fall in love with you online?

Virtual relationships are a huge thing nowadays. Some people think that they might even replace real relationships. Instead of meeting new people outside, we add them to the friends list on Facebook. Getting to know people remotely has become more and more popular, and every day new relationships are made through the Network.

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Imagine you met a girl in a social network or on a dating website. If you do not want to remain buddies on the Internet, you have to take certain steps to make her fall in love with you. The best thing you can do is assigning a date. After a personal meeting, you are more likely to fall in love with each other, but sometimes love can illumine your hearts even before the first meeting.

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So, if you want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you on the Internet, then keep reading.

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  • Show your interest and concern. Be proactive; do not wait until the girl texts you. You have to make her understand that you are very interested in getting to know her: chat on various topics, think of interesting and funny stories to tell, ask her about her health and mood, and show your care. Don’t be afraid to always be the first to text her. She will appreciate your initiative.
  • Show your best sides. You need to present yourself as a versatile and interesting personality. Make her understand that you’re someone who can take her out to a café, movies, a nightclub not just to spend time together, but also to talk on various topics and give become better together. Such a versatile man is very attractive.
  • Be determined. Shy guys do not attract girls, but the strongly determined personalities appeal to almost everyone. Girls love when a guy shows initiative; they want to be confident that there’s someone who can always offer some help and be there for them. Let the girl understand that you are decisive and reliable, and she will love it for sure.
  • Intrigue, create a romantic atmosphere. You need to use all your imagination to constantly intrigue and surprise the girl. Send her romantic emails with beautiful pictures and declarations of your feelings on social networks. You can send her presents by mail or order the delivery of flowers.
  • Be self-sufficient. You also need to be independent and self-sufficient. It is wrong to show a woman that you depend on her. Otherwise she may intentionally or even unconsciously try to manipulate you. Although, of course, this doesn’t always happen. Even if the girl doesn’t try to manipulate you, she won’t be happy to see that you depend on her.
  • Be a good listener. The most charismatic people are always good listeners. People love to talk about themselves, and that is why it's hard to find good listeners. Let the girl that you like to tell you about herself. Ask her counter questions. Weird enough, but the people who we find most attractive, always talk little.
  • The rule of three stories. People are not interested in the features of your new phone. What really gets them is the real stories that happened to you. Drama movies and reality shows have become popular because they have a lot of plot twists. Therefore, always have three interesting stories prepared. These stories should be exciting, emotional and attractive. The girl must be wondering what will happen next?

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The reason why many guys fail to make a girl fall in love with them online

95% of guys who don't get any results don't know that there is two reasons why they are not successful: lack of emotions and unclear intentions.

  • The first reason is quite simple. Not seeing any emotions, the girl rejects you, or even worse, turns you into a "Internet-best friend", without trying to communicate outside the Internet.
  • When the guy cannot show what exactly he wants from a girl, the girl gets very confused. As a result, the girl will never agree to go on a date with him and will make up different excuses. For example, she can say that she already has a boyfriend.

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