How to make your girlfriend want you more?

What do you wish to know about how to make girlfriend want you? How can you make you feel sexual drive in females and increase it? Read more to find out!

Sexual drive

Do you desire to have your girl desire you more sexually? You still do not know what cause sexual drive in females? According to statistics, females are less addicted to sex. They prefer intimacy to a just rough sexual intercourse. It`s not an axiom and women are different but researchers shows that 10% in the USA may agree to the non-sexual but intimate relationship while men in 98% can`t see a relationship without sex. If you are posting a question to yourself about a lack of sexual drive in your couple, then it`s a problem which is needed to be decided. Nevertheless, a human is one of the minority of species which enjoy sex.

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Steps to make your girlfriend want you:

Make friends with her

Sexual drive

It`s always nice to have a person who may help you at any time but there is a thin line between become complete friend and continue to be her boyfriend. It`s a strange tactic but if you desire that she wants you sexually you need to be right with her when it`s needed but not always near. You can flirt with other girls right in her presence but do not overdo. She just needs to understand that you are not her property and there is still a fight for your heart. If you overdo friends’ relationship you may just end up in her friend zone and loose her forever.


Sexual drive

Spend time together with her and make her feel a woman. Sometimes, man can forget to do that and just relax. It seems that she will always be with you but it`s a wrong assumption. If you don`t give some desirable attention, including flirting – another guy may do it for you. If in first steps she might be protective with another guy – his constant attention and flirting may change her behaviour. That`s not good for you and you may fail to make your girlfriend want you. Also, it`s quite a good chance that if you do not do flirting you mail prevail in task make you girlfriend want not you.

Do not be over possessive

Sexual drive

Yes, she is your girlfriend but she is also a person and too much jealousy may play against her sexual drive increase. She may have life without you constant over watching. It may just make her irritating as minimum and make her feel down as a maximum. In both options, it will not make you a sexual desire in her eyes. It may just work contrary as in one day she might think she is over with this kind of relationship where she feels neither free nor confident. The result is pretty obvious, you may just loose her. So, take care of yourself and make her like what you are doing and be with you because of she wants it and not you command her to.

Keep secret

Sexual drive

Everything mysterious always attracts people and your interesting behaviour may certainly make sexual drive increase in her body. Try to play a spy or an agent with her. Do not tell everything you do for today and give her some clues. Make yourself a mystery she desires to solve. In the same time, the secrecy is all about her. Make a surprise for her, speak a secret language with your girlfriend. You can always substitute general sex phrase to something interesting to both of you and tell the words in public. For example, instead of oral sex try to create a phrase like to play football or instead of traditional sex – to eat a pie. “Girl, how about to play football sometimes and eat a pie later?”

She must miss you

Sexual drive

You shouldn`t always be around it may embarrass or even irritate her. Just try to make her miss you. It will bring more sexual desire in her. As always, do not try to overdo with this trick. You should always be with her when it`s needed but do not bother her constant calls. Your life should be around her constantly, be a greater man to her. You need to find yourself in work, art, sports… Women are attractive to an interesting and smart man. Be one of these guys to your girlfriend and make her wants you sexually in no time. Sexual feelings may arouse in her if you did not have sex for a long time and you created something interesting to change it.


Sexual drive

Do not forget to tell how much you love her. Pay attention to her new dress, perfumes and other things. It`s obvious that you need to tell her compliments but they shouldn`t be obvious and trivial. You may just say that she is beautiful but it`s better to hint her that you like how her dress looks with shoes. She is a real beauty and many guys seem to have an interest in her but she is your beauty. Try to increase her sexual drive by giving more innovative complements. Writing lyrics or poems to her are not required but it`s possible. Still, it`s better to stick to appreciation complements and her taste complements.

Talk about sex

Sexual drive

You need to feel your partner so it`s needed to directly address your needs. If you feel that you have a lack of sexual drive, you may try spice things up by adding something new. According to various studies, sex is an integral part of couple`s life. It`s obvious as no one gets side lovers because of bad cooking. Try to be innovative about sex and play sex games with your girlfriend. You may also try sex in different places beyond your bedroom. Nevertheless, be aware that girls feel in the mood to have sex when they have confidence and sexual drive. Without this thing, you may only get an irritated girlfriend.

Dirty talks work

Sexual drive

Why don`t you tease your girlfriend with dirty talks? That may have a nice effect on your sexual life. It also adds some spice to your relationship. Dirty talks are not always about videos for adults. It`s a less direct way to have her sexually aroused. Do not try to insult her or name by something inappropriate. For instance, ask her if she is alone right now and how you desire to be with her. Talk about her body, eyes, hair – that`s all may give you a certain advantage and incline her to have sex with you. Nevertheless, never try to offend you with these talks, if she feels uncomfortable it`s obvious that you overdid something.

Phone Sex

Sexual drive

It also goes with sex via the internet connection. The main thing is connected to the dirty talks. You need to get her feelings and emotions through your voice, emoticons, texts, pictures – whatever you need to get her sexually aroused. In this stage, you need to convince her not to play nice but be something wanted. Women also enjoy sex and some of them even more than men. Try to open your girlfriend and make her horny and desired. If you get this achievement you will not only give her pleasure at a distance but also may have some surprise when you return home.


Sexual drive

It`s simple and trivial matter. If you desire to make girlfriend want you, you would need to date with her. Do not make her stuck in a routine. You always need to surprise her! Give her examples that you love and care about her. It shouldn`t be only words but also deeds. Be innovative! Be creative! Nevertheless, your efforts will be appreciated by your girlfriend.

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