How to persuade others successfully?

What are the basic rules, which will help you to persuade any person to do something? Why it is necessary to use compliments while persuading? Read the article to learn more ways of communication with people.

Persuasive speech topics

Ability to persuade a person that is to inspire your own judgments will open before you a set of doors. If to learn to persuade others, then you will be able to influence behavior of many people. We offer you several practical advices, which will help to win any person round.

Persuasive speech topics

  • Force of arguments. Actively use the facts which are very stubborn and deprive of possibility of dispute. In a business community, it is pertinent to operate with language of numbers. To learn to convince people, provide statistical data, note exact profit markup as a percentage and monetary units or decrease in expenses. Perhaps, your calculations won't be true, however, without doubts. They will make a due impression on the opponent. In household questions the emphasis on the facts is also pertinent. The more arguments you offer, the higher chances to win a dispute and to convince the person of what is interesting to you are. The last word always has to be with you, and then this fight will come to the end with a victory. Certainly, think over all the arguments in advance. Improvisation in this case can play a dirty trick with you.
  • Psychology suggests learning to convince by the following method. Begin a conversation not with subject which interests you, but with the one which is important for the interlocutor. Sincere interest in problems of other person, obvious desire to help and just friendly participation will be appreciated. You will manage to cause trust and sympathy. Now it is possible to transfer a conversation to the course necessary to you very delicately. If the contact has come, then it will be very difficult to person to refuse to you. Also use Socrates's method. This genius of rhetoric and persuading has offered such interesting way to learn to convince. Begin a conversation with questions, which your interlocutor will answer unambiguously positively. There have to be not less than three questions. Now there are your arguments, with which the person will agree.
  • Don't forget to use compliments. Avoid rough flattery and praise of qualities which the person definitely doesn't possess. Insincerity will be noticeable at once. And careful chanting of actual advantages will cause sympathy in the interlocutor. To learn to convince, place emphasis on those qualities, which interest you.

How to hold a conversation to learn to convince

  • Report about benefits. Think over in advance what is possible to offer the opponent instead of what he loses. What benefits he will gain if agrees to your conditions? The bigger the list, the higher chances of success. At first, put forward less significant arguments. Learn to understand people to define their true motives and desires.

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How to hold a conversation to learn to convince?

  • Politeness. If you aren't connected by close relations with the interlocutor, then it is better to address him politely. Communicate quietly, without increase in tone.
  • No rudeness. Your arguments won't seem convincing if you season them with obscene expressions or insults to other person.
  • Avoid an excessive expression and emotionality. Attract the third parties to your support. Refer to the fact that someone from your acquaintances has already tested this device, or thousands of people have already made a similar choice and are happy. The opinion of other persons affects more convincingly the interlocutor, than your own.
  • Delicately disprove judgments of the opponent. The person shouldn't begin to doubt during the conversation in own mental capacities. Avoid phrases: 'You understand nothing!', 'You won't understand', 'I understand better, therefore, listen to me'.

To learn to convince, years of training can be necessary. If you seize this science, you will be able to achieve success and respect in society. If you are a seller, you’ll be able to persuade someone buy something. It is a good way to achieve success in your career.

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