How to play hard to get?

Are you interested in the best method to attract the attention of the boy you like? Read the article and follow our advice about how to play hard to get.

play hard

Your actions

Make sure of your mutual feelings. If he does not like you, he is unlikely to do something to get you. Thus, you do not even need to play some touch-me-not lady.

If he tries to take the first step, and for example, asks your phone number, you name it, if, of course, want him to call you. However, if he makes more serious hints, for example, asks: "Do you want to go to the cinema or dinner?", do not rush to agree and tell something like "I do not even know, I had other plans," or this weekend I need to prepare for the exam." Probably, it will be difficult to say so, if you really like the guy, but, as it was already mentioned, guys like those for whom they need to work toward.

Behave as if you are not interested in this guy, even if it is not so. If he comes to you to talk, say a few words and the:"Oh, there's my friend and leave. This will leave him a share of uncertainty.

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If he invites you for a date or offers to meet, the answer is ambiguous, like, "Well, I'm not sure," "I need to think," etc. Most likely, he will invite you once again, then you can safely accept. But keep in mind that some of the guys immediately retreat, if they see that she is not interested in them.

play hard to get


  • Be friendly with his friends, but do not flirt with everyone. Guys like it when a girl is not only courteous to him but with his friends.
  • If you think that he was going to forget you and will start to seek someone else, whom he will really like, do not be afraid to hint on his feelings or even kiss.
  • Flirt with him, but do not make it too obvious. To get started simply better at it hair and dress nicely.
  • Make him a compliment, but do not overdo it.
  • Pretend that you love someone else. Even if you can not do this, try to instigate your friends. Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds, but it's worth it.


  • Flirt is fully permitted it is part of the plan! Just be careful.
  • Do not overdo.
  • Do not be too cold and rough, otherwise, the guy will not want to act.
  • Build yourself hard to get does not mean to seem stupid or evil, simply proceed as if you are not really interested in a guy.
  • Do not be cruel. Do not be stingy. Just behave as if you loved him as a friend.

Good luck in your relations.

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