How to react when you accidentally see a girl you like naked?

Many awkward situations can happen in your life. Today we'll tell you how to react if you see a girl you like naked.

A girl on the bed

Let's imagine such a situation. You love a beautiful girl; you dream about her every night, and during the day you follow her every move. Wherever she goes, you go after her. One day you accidentally see her completely naked in the women's locker room. Certainly, you enter into a stupor and don’t have the slightest idea what to do... Well, we have some options for you.

Does the girl know that you've seen her?

If the answer is no, you can either turn around and run away very quickly or continue watching her while she can’t see you.

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  • If you dreamed of seeing her naked, this is your big chance. Make sure she doesn’t notice that you’re watching her and continue enjoying this beautiful sight. Remember! If she sees you, you’ll probably have no chance for the further relationship with her.
  • If you don’t mind seeing her naked, but you don’t want to get in trouble, then you should turn around and go away. Make sure that nobody sees you and don’t tell anybody about this incident.

Naked girl painting

The girl knows you have seen her. What to do?

  • Don’t panic! Come up to her and apologize. Say that you didn’t intend to see her naked. Also, you can use this chance to give her a couple of compliments. However, pretend that you didn’t look at her naked body and compliment her eyes or hair color.
  • If you’re on a more brave side, you can make some moves on her. Tell her that she looks hotter than supermodels. However, remember that her reaction is unpredictable. You will either turn her on or make her hate you till the rest of your life.

Naked girl from the back

Anyway, it’s your choice how to react when you see a girl naked. We wish you the best of luck!

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