How to retain a long distance relationship?

Nobody says that maintenance of relationships at a distance is a simple thing, but it does not mean that they are doomed to failure. If you give them enough time and attention, such a relationship may be even stronger than those in which the geographical distance is not an obstacle.


Simple changes in habits, lifestyle and general attitude will help you to maintain intimacy with your beloved.

Stay in touch

Since you will not see each other, it is important to establish an emotional bond and maintain it as often as possible. Frequent communication, even very short, is a sign that you put into the relationship enough time and effort, this will help you stay up to date with each other's lives. If you have to communicate with large (for several days) intervals, much will be forgotten or become irrelevant, and you have every time to start talking again, instead of continuing the previous one.

Find out which method of communication would your partner prefer. Try different techniques and see which ones suit both of you. Write SMS, emails, talk on Skype, Viber to be aware of the small details of everyday life of each other.


Everyone has its own schedule. If you know that you will be too busy to communicate, just inform the partner in advance and try to write or call at every opportunity. If you, on the contrary, less busy than your partner, be ready to talk when he or she has the time.

Talk about everything even minor things. Don’t think that during every conversation you need to discuss seriously your relationships, hopes and dreams. Instead, focus on the little things, which would say a couple living together.

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Meet more often

Try to visit each other as often as work allows, studying or finance. Make a schedule of trips, or at least, plan your next visit as soon as the previous is over.

Start your own traditions associated with meetings. For example, you can walk alone, visit your favorite restaurant or spend a quiet evening at home.


Organize your trip so as not to lose valuable time. Make an appointment at the airport or train station. Learn how to travel with one bag or store everything you need in your partner’s town, not to spend time at the airport to receive the baggage.

Sometimes you can visit another city. Go there, where neither you nor your partner was not, or at your favorite place or select a halfway city between you.

Try to get to know each other

Remember that your beloved is just like you. Distance can not only enhance the feelings but also make you idealize the partner. It can make relationships better, but the excessive idealization (the idea that your partner is ideal) complicate reunion with him as a real person.

Build such a relationship that would be based on the trust. What’s more, trust is vital for any relationship, regardless of the distance. Make every effort to be faithful and try to avoid temptations. If you do a mistake, you must be honest and tell the partner the truth, even if a lie would help you to be better in the eyes of the partner. For example, if you did not keep the promise and went to a bar, a lie about where you were, can be beneficial only to you personally, but the truth will benefit your relationship.


Be devoted to one another

Be open and honest, voluntarily share personal information. You should be morally bound up with each other to continue the relationship, based on personal values, rather than pressure from outside. Include such conviction as "unfaithfulness to me is unacceptable".

Create something common

Create a web page to which you both will be available, for example, blog or photo album. This will give you a new way of communication and at the same time a feeling, that you are doing something together.

Do the same thing at the same time. This will reduce distance and build an invisible bridge between you. You will feel closer to each other and your relationship will be strengthened. For instance, plan to cook the same dish in the same day. Read the same book or article. See the movie at the same time, TV-show, staying in touch and discussing what is happening.

Learn together. Choose an activity that you both like. For example, you can begin with online foreign language courses or to try to learn to knit. Do something that will be interesting for both of you. In addition, it is an excellent way of hanging out and source of topics for discussion.


Take advantage of the Internet

You can join in an online game with many participants or play in something traditional, such as chess. In any case, communication during the game will give you a sense of unity.

Make the partner feel that he is special. Try to make small nice things to show your love. You can write love letters and send them by e-mail. You can send without any reason small gifts, cards or flowers.

You shouldn’t make expensive gifts and grand gestures. However, regular pleasant things are no less important than the special gifts for special occasions. If in the future, one of you will have to move to be together, it would mean parting with friends. Start pre-build personal and professional circle of acquaintances for a partner, who would later move.

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