How to save for a wedding?

Do you want to make unforgettable wedding party? Read the article to know where to find money for it.

Making a family is a very responsible step. Wedding is an integral part of beginning of family life. It seems that organization of such celebration is simple, only at first sight. One of the main difficulties in wedding planning is lack of finances. Newlyweds often have a question – how to save money for a wedding?

Solution of financial question will depend on material resources of families of groom and bride. Some people have an opportunity to pay huge expenses on wedding. Others should borrow a lot of money, to take credits and then to look for opportunities for return of the lent sums.

How to save for a wedding

Wedding planning on a budget

  • You can take a credit in bank. Now bank structures provide loyal and acceptable conditions for crediting. Therefore, if groom and bride have reached majority, they can easily take the necessary amount of loan and to start the embodiment of wedding dream in reality.
  • If future newlyweds have a small prosperity, it is possible to begin to save up money in advance. Make a wedding planning list. It's possible to save money for buying small accessories for a wedding. This way won't help to save up money for celebration at once, but these means for certain will be enough for buying balls, rings, cake and trifles for ornament. For some period of time (for example, a year or two) it is necessary to postpone monthly a certain sum from salary. But it is necessary to do it regularly.

wedding planning

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  • Money for wedding can be saved up on special cash card. Having used deposit services, it is possible to save up decent amount in a year, and also to receive some percent from deposit.
  • Having certain knowledge, it is possible to receive money for wedding from securities. This option promises to be effective, but only in case when there is not less than a year to a wedding.

Wedding planning on a budget

  • Get electronic accounts. These are popular e-wallets. They are very convenient and allow paying full range of services without leaving a house. However, reliability against breaking is low. Therefore, it is better to keep all means not on wallets. Use a format of several cards. Besides, it will be quite possible to pay with these cards or money from electronic accounts for various wedding services: wedding design, limousine or photographer.
  • You can also sell antiques. It only rises in price overtime, but in conditions of economic crises, it considerably goes down in price. Besides, antiques price significantly depends on activity of collectors. To predict the price, especially on rather separate directions of collecting, is almost impossible. Therefore, with a view to the future it is possible to speak with confidence only about preservation of price for antiques, which have historical or art value.

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  • In case of presence of financial and economic knowledge, it is possible to try to earn on currency transactions. Using this option, it is better to operate with several currencies. If one currency goes down in price, then another, naturally, will make profit.
  • Make well-hidden purse in which a certain sum (for example 5 percent) from all income will be postponed. If to save money at least year, then lovers will be able to hold rather interesting and beautiful wedding.
  • If couple lives together and has house in which nobody lives, it is possible to try to lease it. It will bring rather big monthly income.

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To save money for a wedding is a rather difficult process. However if you want to begin family life unforgettably, it is worth it. Be economical and success won't keep you waiting.


как сэкономить на свадьбе?

Понять, что многолюдно – это далеко не всегда значит – весело. Не стоит приглашать соседок тетю Валю и тетю Люсю, с которыми вы от силы раз в месяц пересекаетесь на лестничной площадке, только для того, чтобы их «не обидеть». Также вовсе нет необходимости посылать приглашение своему троюродному брату, которого вы знаете исключительно по фотографиям. Свадьба – это, в первую, очередь семейный праздник, поэтому более уместно будет пригласить на него самых близких родственников и друзей.

Забудьте о принципе: «чтобы было не хуже, чем у людей». Всем все равно не угодишь, а то, что вы потратили последние сбережения на приобретение свадебного декора, вряд ли кто-то оценит. Главное правило того, как отметить свадьбу недорого – в первую очередь, ориентироваться на себя, а не на окружающих. Подумайте о том, что романтическое свадебное путешествие, приобретенное на сэкономленные деньги, принесет вам гораздо больше радости, чем восторги коллег, по поводу вашего меню.

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