How to Seduce a Girl: Top 10 Incredible Tips for Nigerian guys

Wish to be popular among girls? Get our top notch seduction tips and rules and start dating the lady of your dreams!

Looking for the best way to seduce a girl, it is important to realize what actually seduction is. This notion is quite difficult to comprehend and even more complicated to fulfill as it comprises too many aspects. Surely it has many definitions, though they all mean only one thing – attention.  It is sometimes understood as an ability to make lady agree to date with you, or give you a one-night visit, or simply like you. However, the desire of each man is commonly reduced to the wish of being noticed, respected and esteemed.  Still, the question remains unanswered: how to reach the aim? How to seduce a girl?

how to seduce a girl

Actually, seduction is a real art, and it is necessary to be well informed and skilled to assure the girl of your strong points and draw insecurities aside.  It’s a vital quality each man strives to have.  Here we will try to offer you the most useful and “working” dating advice.

Diverse Traditions: Following Nigerian Customs

First sight and care, candies and flowers, gentle hugs and kisses are, no doubts, essential steps to charm a lady, though not the most important. To win the recognition of a girl you need to interest and seduce her first.

How to Seduce a GirlNigerian girls are extremely beautiful and gorgeous by nature, so it’s common for them to look foxy and get attention.  Considering such a tough competition, remain calm and confident, it will help you capture the heart of the one and only.  Besides, it is important to keep the balance: being self-assured you should remain intelligent, well-mannered and gentle.

The thing Nigerian ladies appreciate probably the most in relations is communication.  If she feels you know how to talk to girls, treat them and influence during the conversation you are half way to success. National character and habits of the girls will assist you here, though you should initiate and maintain the dialogue. 

Do not forget that communication includes not only words, but also body language that plays an incredibly important role. Gaping, hesitations and agreeable approach will not do any good.  On the other hand small winks, touches and unobtrusive hugs will contribute to the desirable result.

10 Ways to Attract and Seduce

Nigerian guys Seduce a GirlThe very first lesson a man should learn, before even trying to interest a girl is unconstraint. Suppress your embarrassment and excitement and look as naturally as possible. Implement the following tips unnoticeably for a girl not to feel pressure or affectedness.

  1. Women love with ears
    This well-known proverb reveals the main secret of the relations. More compliments, more love – it is an effective formula of success. Make your girl feel unique and special, influence her mood and self-confidence and win her, becoming the most pleasant person for her.
    However, complementing is also a valuable science. Pay attention to what you say and be careful with words praising the lady’s appearance and features.

    Depending on the country, people’s values differ, so if in one country “You are so slim” sounds like an awesome compliment, in other it is a bit rude and offensive.  To avoid such misunderstandings, learn the culture and traditions of the girl you are trying to seduce.
  2. Friendship is
    It is another thing Nigerian women appreciate. Do not come too close and do not be pushy, as it will not only disturb, but can even spoil the relationship just before it was formed.  Become a trustworthy and reliable friend, prove that the women can rely on you and you will deal with everything. Make her feel safe around you and she will never hesitate considering partnership with you.
  3. Going out
    How to Seduce Nigerian Girl If are still not sure how to attract a girl, invite her to a concert where you sometimes perform or introduce your new book. Every woman dreams of a successful man and has the only desire to appear with him in some famous place. It does not mean you have to start a new business to seduce a girl, or establish some company to get her attention, but you should definitely be surrounded by great people with the best reputation. Allow women flourish in a contemporary and fashionable environment and she will do everything for you.
  4. Let her choose
    Do not be too persistent and importunate; give the woman freedom and choice. At the same time, let her feel you are somewhere around always ready to take care of her. Subtle hints and timely smiles are perfect signs of your interest. Do not come too strong and create the atmosphere of battle around the lady. It will play into your hand, demonstrating that she is extremely valuable for you and you are ready to overcome various difficulties to woo her. Show your interest though keep distance, let her make a few steps forward.

    How to Seduce a Girl 1
  5. Be smart
    Another ridiculous tip will teach you how to seduce a woman simply using your brain. Apart from the men, ladies also know those traditional pick-up tricks, so they have already lost their impact. Hardly any self-respected lady will snap. Worn-out jokes and compliments will only worsen the situation. Originality and creativity will gain you additional scores with lady and place you few steps closer to her.
  6. Make her a celeb
    Let the woman shine. It is not a secret that the lady plays important role in the relations and sometimes even more vital than man. So please your girl and allow her to take charge of small deals, lead in a dance for a while, guide the conversation, etc. This way she will feel special and seduction will happen subconsciously.
  7. tips on seducing girlsBe the prince charming
    Being charming and lovely is probably the most complicated part for men.  It is an exacting task for any man as there is no example and you should do everything yourself. To look really sweet you need to learn the character of your darling, her tastes and wishes, as what is charming for one lady can be disgusting to another. If you are still hesitating about the correct behavior pattern, try to look at least affable and polite.

    Avoid being rude, be courteous and do not insult people around, especially if it is a woman.  Forget about staring at girls and observing their chests. Concentrate on your woman, keep eye contact with her, listen to what she is talking about, show your interest in the topic, and of course, do not forget about useful recommendations above. All these charming tricks will make you her minion and let her feel proud of you.
  8. Pay attention to details
    Take your time to realize how to seduce a girl of your dream. The actual secret is usually hidden in small details. Give the lady some time to think, do not be too harsh, but take the advantage of the moment:

    Invite the first-night of her favorite movie, present the tickets to the art gallery she wished to visit for years or simply buy lovely flowers she adores. If she invites you to drink coffee in your house on the fifth day of your acquaintance, be sure you do everything right.
  9. Let the ladies shop  
    Respect woman’s choice and value her decisions. It this way you will show the due honor and appreciation to your beloved as well as support and trust. 
  10. Be generous

On the first date the girl may probably evaluate the size of your wallet, so be ready to show off and amaze her with your liberality. Do not grudge purchasing an eye-catching bunch of flowers and inviting her to luxurious restaurant.

All in all, following all the given recommendation you are sure to impress the lady of your dream.

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However, do not become obsessed with how to seduce a girl idea. Enjoy the process and remember that the final aim is love.  Keeping this in mind you will plan it not like a simple sport competition, but as a life-changing process.


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Answered 2 months ago.

On a date the main thing is to enjoy yourself and deliver it to the girl. Joint pleasant pastime bring us very close and allows you to seduce a beautiful woman already on the first date. But this does not mean that you need to immediately seek to drag the girl from the cafe in the bed. Do not underestimate their strength: if you see that pretty woman is interested in you, but prefers to keep his distance, spend more visits. It would be better to visit several schools. This will bring you closer together and will create the impression that it was not one date, but a whole series. Place it is better to choose before speaking with a girl, based on their own preferences and interests the beauty. It can be anything: a cafe, a walk, shooting, go-karting, swimming with dolphins, skydiving and so on. It is important that you feel comfortable there. Your sensation will be transmitted to the girl and help her get more enjoyment from your meeting.

Answered 1 year ago.

As a girl, I want to add some details to the list. At first, the man should have a nice look, not be just cute, but to have a clean and nice wear. He has to be well-educated, intelligent, smart. He has to show his confidence, but not to much, because the girl may think that he is not interested in her opinion. Alos, todays girs dont like when the men pay a big attention at the gender differences, as to pay for the girl, to open the door for her. To my mind, these are the main needs of every girl.

Answered 1 year ago.
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