How to seduce a man – 5 top tips for Nigerian ladies

Seducing a man is easy, if you know the right tricks. Learn the top DOs and DON'Ts of it and learn how to be a popular woman.

Men seduction is not an easy process. It is an exacting task to make him fall in love with you naturally as if you did nothing special. Probably the most important here is being unconstrained, spontaneous and easy going. However, take your time to learn men’s psychology and you will definitely seized happiness by the tail. These tips on how to seduce a man would help you manage the task.

how to seduce a man

Relationships Don’ts

There are lots of useful hints how to make a man love you,though we will reveal them a bit later. Now, another vital point each girl should remember trying to seduce a man is a list of DON’Ts. Here you will notice things, traits of character and behaviors that Nigerian males consider not only unattractive, but detestable:

  • tough black womenIndependent though desperate.
    This type of girls is well-known and is easily recognizable everywhere: at the party, in the night club, huge birthday or simply in the bar. The brightest features of such a lady are abundant make up, enormous gum in the mouth and of course a purse in the hands. As she is standing alone with all her belongings with her, we can already tell that she either doesn’t have a car or doesn’t trust anybody.

    The behavior is also specific and uncommon. She will never dance with a man if only he does not have age resemblance with her father. However, she will not refuse a drink. Besides, loud talk on the phone with the best friend is another vivid peculiarity. So, avoid such an image trying to seduce a man.
  • Non-stop singer.
    Nigerian men are usually pleased to meet a girl with wide outlook, though lyrics of all the possible and impossible songs are not included in this term. In such situation any respectful guy will make an assumption of you being a loud mouth. The logical question arises: what will his relatives think about you? How will they like you?

    The answer is obvious for Nigerian, because he cannot have serious relations with a girl he is not ready to show to the world. Thus, keeping this in mind you increase your chances to tempt the man of your dream.
  • Problem, trouble and misfortune lady.
    It is another negative example of the girl’s behavior you should stand aside. Generally, any man wishes to protect his girlfriend, be her comfort and relief. Nevertheless, too exaggerated network posts, sad icons and depressive quotes are not things a man expects from his potential girlfriend. This stuff encourages controversial feelings like anger and aversion. No one wants to deal with your personal problems on the first date. So, it is not the best pace of attracting male’s attention.
  • how to repel a manWild and feeble specimen.
    Finding the right man,appearance plays a vital role, as it forms the first impression, thus influences the possibility of further relationships. All the men have a burning desire to show off and appear at the party with his lady-girlfriend, that is why you should avoid looking wild. Cute dress, well-polished nails, on point brows etc. will definitely make you the target woman for many of Nigerian males.
  • Genuine snowman.
    The last, but now the least advice how to seduce a man and how not to scare him off is to keep private zones kempt. Despite the fact that Nigerian men are considered to be bush people, they despise manlike girls. So, trying to charm such a man, take care of all the necessary areas.

Following the above mentioned tips you will not probably bewitch the man, though you won’t look like a non-grata girl. If you have managed to fulfil above described tasks you can freely move on to the true-to-life, effective and approved tricks to capture any man you like. READ ALSO: 10 tips to attract and date African men

5 easy girlish ruses to seduce a Nigerian man

Sometimes it happens that the boy doesn’t show any interest in the girl irrespective of her deeds, simply because she is not in his taste. Do not grow too attached to him, forget, move on and you are sure to find someone worth you. Yet, if you notice the slight response and acceptance press on and win him.

  1. how to seduce a man 2Soft fire makes sweet malt
    It is natural for every girl to give a wink or to eat in a sexy way or whisper something to the man. So, possessing such a strong weapon, why not use it? Be playful, give hidden smiles and subtle touches, no man can resist such temptation. Intimate tension is your final destination, so be smart and witty enough to achieve the aim.

    Find appropriate moments to brush your body past him, or just to rest your hand on his shoulder. This little trick will allow the man feel you and your consent. When you feel he is “yours”, start playing hard, and it will boost the admiration. Flirt and let him understand you really want him and after a while, hold back for different reasons. It will drive him crazy and he will be ready to move the rocks to get you.
  2. cook good foodThe way to male’s heart lies through his stomach
    This method is effective irrespective of country or age, nationality or preferences. Our grandparents are the brightest example of such a rule. Have you ever heard of the divorcing 60 years old couple? Of course not. The trouble of the contemporary women is the desire to follow the men’s way of life, to organize a successful business and be rich and prosperous.

    Though, sometimes ladies forget that they are people to keep the hearth and take care of the family. If you still do not know how to seduce a man, invite him to the intimate dinner and cook a special, sophisticated meal. So, providing him with necessary nutrition the men will never go without a pay, and the fee will be much more pleasant that the food.
  3. seducing a manMen love with the eyes
    Do not be too obtrusive, though softly-softly provide him with some interesting and hot pictures of you. Even if you are not fond of posting dozens of pictures a day, do this for him. Your men will value this step and be thankful. Boasting with a new lipstick you have just bought, send him an image of your glossy lips and it will work wonders. You do not have to give invitations, or say any words, little snaps during the day will do everything instead of messages.
  4. Respect yourself and show your character
    What Nigerian men appreciate in women is their personality. Of course, appearance is important, though not enough to keep him. Be natural, be yourself, show your weaknesses and let him help you. At the same time, express your opinion on different issues? Be self-confident and a bit independent. Do not pretend to be too weak or too strong, balance his feelings and avoid maxims. For the majority of men confidence is the key, it evokes the desire to seduce lady. Being a little girl inside with fears and dreads, show only a small part of it, but try to look self-assured and self-esteemed.
  5. Praise costs little, but yields much
    The results of the research showed that the majority of men cheat on their beloved because of emotional disconnection. Not attraction or sex is the reasons for betrayal, but the feeling of undervaluation and underestimation separate previously happy couple. Following this rule, you have a key to the secret of how to find a husband and keep him. Let him assist you, ask for advice or simply do some stuff together and give him a chance to become a valuable part of your life and he will never commend you.

Relations are the kind of a tricky game, that presupposes strategies and plays, so be ready to find your own route that will guide you on how to seduce a man. Choose the most appropriate tips to suit your own case, from the ins and outs from these recommendations and remember that a man is a living creature and love is his natural need. Give him warmth and care and he will stay with you forever. 


These are useful tips for women not only to seduce men, but to keep a long and strong relationships. To my mind, naturally every person has some special charm. But it is very necessary to find out your strong points and circle them to make the people to notice them from the first sight. And find out your week points, to develope and to improve them. It is not only for your appearance - it conciders also your character. Not to overtry to show your feelings and emotions. Be moderate in everything!

Answered 2 years ago.

Courtesans, geisha, siren – the ability to seduce men was relevant in any time of reality and mythology. The art of seduction – the art of subtle and complex – it requires a constant balancing between emancipation and vulgarity, between cunning and bitchiness, between weakness and soreness, between sexuality and vulgarity.

To seduce a man, one external beauty is not enough. No matter how corny it sounds, but need the inner beauty, your own appeal, you need to learn how to attract the attention of men to themselves. Do not confuse seduction and seduction. To seduce a man simply, very simply, and here to seduce him, to make him think about himself, to dream about yourself, to achieve yourself is much harder.

Answered 2 years ago.

It is very amusing women's classification in this article. In my view, men are very simple, they like beautiful and smart women. Man very often attracts woman, who cooks well, looks after their children, respects his boyfriend / husband. As I see it, the first impression and the first meeting are extremely important. This thing applies to both gentlemen and lady. But if woman wears beautiful, stylish clothes, takes care about the appearance, not too much arrogant, she looks natural, intelligent and pretty, she attracts man and his attention readily.

The article is utility for every woman, here are lots of fine advices.

Answered 2 years ago.

There is very interesting classification of women in this article. I think, men are very simple, they like beautiful and intelligent women. Man likes woman, who cooks well, can look after the children, loves his man, respect him. For sure, the first impression is very important, not only for women, but also for men. But if woman takes care about her appearance, wears beautiful, stylish clothes, looks pretty, natural and not too much arrogant, she's smart and witty, she can attract the man's attention easy.

There is lots of useful advices for women in this article. Thank you!

Answered 2 years ago.
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