How to sexually satisfy a woman

How to behave yourself in bed? Read the article to give your woman maximal pleasure!

Sex is an integral part of relations, and you shouldn't hesitate to be interested in these subjects. Each woman is unique. Therefore, many men ask a question how to sexually satisfy a woman. These are some tips, which will help you to solve the problem.

How to sexually satisfy a woman

How to sexually please a woman in bed?

1. The first thing you should do if you want to give pleasure to the woman is to help her relax. If the woman is in condition of stress, she will hardly feel a sexual attraction. If she is strained, you won't be able to satisfy her.

  • Help her in household, for example, wash the dishes or make a lunch (maybe together – it would be a pre-sexual game).

How to sexually please a woman in bed

  • Make a relaxing massage. You can use massage oils and aromatic candles.
  • Romantic bathtub is a good opportunity to relax. Turn on pleasant music and decorate a bathroom with aromatic candles.
  • Never force the woman to have intimacy with you.

with your hands

2. Use enough time to prepare the woman for sex. A man and a woman need different time to be excited. Time, which you will spend on a prelude, can strengthen a sexual inclination of the woman considerably. Remember that a good prelude is necessary for unforgettable sexual intercourse for both partners.

  • Be impudent with her. Tell her how strongly you want to take off her clothes and to measure her body with lips. Say what will be pleasant to your woman.
  • Explore her body with your hands. Caress her; it by all means will excite her and will strengthen the desire.

satisfy a woman with hands

  • Study female anatomy. Many women can't have physical satisfaction from sex with darling because he doesn't know how to do it correctly. On a body of the woman, there are many places, which are responsible for sexual excitement.
  • Find her erogenous zones. Female body keeps many secrets. Sensitive or erogenous zones can be everywhere, even where it is impossible to assume (like between the toes or in the navel). Knowing it, you will be able to satisfy the woman. You should kiss and caress erogenous zones of your partner. Some women like to feel small pain in these parts, therefore you can try to pinch, bite, scratch, but only lightly. There are a lot of such zones at woman. Nipples, a neck and internal surface of hips are included in number of the main erogenous zones.

How to sexually please a woman on her period

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3. Experiment. Quantity is not important, but quality is. There are very few nervous terminations in vagina itself. Therefore, to give pleasure to the woman, it is important to change the movements. Try different rhythms and pressure force. Each woman is individual. Something that will give pleasure to one will leave another indifferent. So try to understand what will be pleased to your woman.

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4. Use oral stimulation. Unlike men, most of women need a little time to be warmed before sex. Oral sex is great kind of prelude, and if everything is correct, it can even be more pleasant for her than sexual intercourse itself. You shouldn't use oral sex only for preludes. There is nothing bad in pleasing the woman only for her pleasure. Traditional sex has not to follow it all the times.

5. Learn her imaginations. Be sure that she trusts you and will be able to share her thoughts whatever non-standard they wouldn't be. As soon as she comfortably feels telling you about her most strange desires, begin to realize them.

How to sexually please a woman in bed 1

6. Solve who will direct process. Some women like to be obedient during sex, while others prefer to be active. All women are different, and it is just worth watching reaction of your beloved.

7. Bring a variety in your relations. Monotonous and predictable sex, as a rule, doesn't bring satisfaction to the partners (at least, for a long time). Don't allow your sexual life to become ordinary. Try new poses, new places and time. Toys also will add to your sensuality. Don't be afraid to bring something new in your intimate life, it will only strengthen your relations and diversifies them.

with your hands 1

How to sexually please a woman emotionally?

1. Speak with woman. She has to feel that you are a support for her, and she can always ask you for help. She has to know that you will listen to her and don't condemn even if she isn't right.

2. Give her freedom and personal space. Each person wants to feel free, even in spite of the fact that he or she is in relations. Let her be engaged in something that makes her happy.

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  • Encourage her to spend time with friends or to be engaged in hobby. Don't interfere her to spend time with someone only because you don't like this person. Your darling is an adult and can use to whom to communicate. Any restriction of her actions can negatively reflect on your sexual life.
  • Show her how much she means to you. All women want to know that they are loved. Speak to her about it constantly. She has to know how strongly you love and need her. Say that your life wouldn't make sense without her.

How to sexually please a woman emotionally 1

  • Show romantic signs of attention, for example, put a note in her handbag with such contents: 'I hope, this note will raise a smile on your face because you make me to smile every day'. Perhaps you decide to write something more frank: 'I think that you have the most sexual buttocks'.

3. If you date, she has to feel that you are together. If your beloved sees you only when you go to bed late at night, it is not really good relations. Spend time together, showing how you appreciate relations. It will, of course, strengthen your sexual energy in bed.

How to sexually please a woman on her period 1

How to sexually please a woman on her period?

  1. If you decided that you can't manage without proximity on woman period, conform to several simple rules. Begin with water procedures. It is necessary to observe hygiene especially carefully. It is recommended to use special means for intimate places, which are suitable both for men and for women.
  2. It is possible to replace classical sex with oral. Using tampons, you can limit contact of partners with blood, but to bring each other pleasure, using oral caress. This option is suitable even for fastidious men, because contact with blood doesn't happen at all.

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