How to stay crazy in love forever?

What to do to make your love everlasting? How to be crazy in love forever, so your relationship never fizzle out? Find out the best tips in this article!

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Unfortunately, the main problem which couples face today in the relationship is their inability to save their love. Falling in love is not so difficult, what is more hard, is to stay in love. Below there are some effective tips which couples can use to stay in love.

1.    Always find things to laugh about together

laugh together

The shocking results of the research proved that laughter comes before sex on the scale of importance in the relationship! The sense of humor is essential for the long relationship, because when you laugh together, it deepens your love. In addition, it protects you against anger, arguments, and fights.

2.    Avoid distractions

avoid distractions

The distraction is the number one killer of love. Why? Because even if you spend each night and morning with your partner, it is very easy to become distracted with other happenings around you. Don’t count your daily time together as “alone time.” The solution is mapping out time only for you and your partner so that nothing can distract you and you will just enjoy the time together.

3.    Find a new thing to do together

find new thing to do together

Monotony can kill a relationship. When you both fall into the same routine and do the same things, it can lead to the sad consequences. The solution is easy – do new things together. It will create new bonds and new memories along with this experience. As a result, you will continue to grow as a couple.

4.    Surprise each other

surprise other

Very often surprises in the relationship end with a honeymoon phase. However, surprises are very important on each phase of the relations; it should be like a habit. You can leave some love notes, or cook something unusual without any reason or just make a little present for your loved one. You should show all your love and care.

 It is important to do necessary work to sustain your relationship. Without doing it, it remains just a feeling, which can fizzle out any time.

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5.    Have intimacy talks

have intimacy talks

A lot of couples don’t talk about this hot topic, but it is crucial in the relationship. You should always have conversations about your intimate life or lack of it. You need to discuss ways to improve the intimacy between you, talking about your sex life.

6.    Work on your sex life

work on sex life

The main goal of the discussions, which were described in the last point, is to improve the intimacy between each other. You should share each other’s interest.  Try to find ways to become interested in the things which interest your partner. Otherwise, your relationship will fizzle out quickly.

7.    Love language

love language

What is the love language? These are the unique ways that each person gives and receives love. It is special for each person, and it is very important to understand what language of love your partner has and speak it between each other. It can be doing little things to do the day of your partner special or do something special for him or her. This way you will show your love and the importance of your partner to you?

Watch the video and learn more tips on how to stay crazy in love forever!


Love in Relationship

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