How to take pre-wedding photos to make them awesome?

How to make your pre-wedding photos amazing? Get these tips and create an unforgettable experience.

How to take pre-wedding photos

Our life is generally a list of significant events, good or bad, planned or sudden. And we all want our life to be a list of as many positive events as possible, to have pleasant memories when we grow old of the happy moments we had.

Creating a family is a major role for most humans. Family is the sense of our life: finding a life partner and soul mate, building a beautiful home, giving birth to children – these are most valued accomplishments in modern world. And it is a life-long process.

And of course, everything begins with a wedding. It is a mysterious ritual that we dream of since childhood. Of course, girls are more romantic so a beautiful wedding image is cherished mostly by them, but boys also have their own wishes for a beautiful wife, who becomes their delight and support.

Every couple has a story to tell about how they met, fell in love, had a first kiss and all the other steps they took to get to this beautiful and desired wedding day. To capture all these events people invented a pre-wedding photo shoots, which tell a story of a beautiful couple. It actually is your love story shown in photographs.

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So, how to take pre-wedding photos?

First of all, every successful pre-wedding photo shoot needs planning. You need to discuss all details with your photographer. And the first thing to decide is the list of events you want to picture for your photos.

These events can include:

  • Your first meeting
  • Your first date
  • First kiss
  • Your favorite restaurant, café, architectural object and/or a place in the nature
  • You and your beloved pet
  • Your hobby or favorite occupation, e.g. sports, dancing, piano classes…

and actually anything you both love! Just pick most favorite and cherished places, actions, things.

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When you decide what moments you want to show in your pre-wedding photos, one by one go through them with your photographer.

First of all, how to visualize your first meeting? Well, be creative. If you met in a night club, you don’t have to go to that same club in the night; you can just come to the name-sign of it and take several pictures near it. If your friends organized your meeting, invite them to your photo shoot and make a few photos with them. People who met at work can try to recreate a day at work, showing a little bit of what your work is about and how you both love it. But don’t copy all the details, create some kind of a show based on the true story!

To picture your first date, just go to the same place you went on your first date. Try to remember the feelings you had that day. Look into your beloved one’s eyes, feel their connection with you – because you both remember the same! It is a magical feeling and experience. And a good photographer helps you capture this magic.

Probably most romantic would be the process of picturing your first kiss. Pre-wedding photo shoot is not only making images of events from your past. You live through those moments once again – and there is a photographer with you to catch your smiles, stars in your eyes when you look at your beloved ones. It is a way to repeat once again those moments that are so dear to you! And your first kiss, of course, is unique, but you will remember your inner feelings about it forever!

Very important roles in any relationship play all the things we share passion for with our beloved ones. So photos picturing you doing these things together mean really a lot. If you share passion for horse riding, you should take your photographer there and make a set of photos riding horses together – it is really romantic! If you like basketball, show it! Or fishing, or collecting sea shells or whatever it is – if it is important for you two, show it!

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As you see, there are no strict rules on how to make pre-wedding photos. You just pick something that is really important and do it together with your photographer. Something that makes you really happy. Something you want to remember, and to share with your close friends and relatives. And something you want to cherish when you grow old together and show your children.

And one last but not the least important thing – smile! Try to remember all the happy feelings you experienced, and smile – this helps your photographer take beautiful photos that soon become your life-time treasure.

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