How to tell if your boyfriend cheats on you? – Top 22 signs

Is your man cheating on you? Is he unfaithful? Learn these 23 top sings and find out whether your boyfriend cheats on you or not!

cheating on a girlfriend

Have you wondered if your boyfriend cheats on you? Yes? Then these sings will be very useful. And even if you are not in any relationships and don’t have a boyfriend yet, any girl must know how to determine when boyfriend cheats on girlfriend.

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1. He keeps telling you 'I'm not really ready for any serious relationship right now'. But he keeps talking to you all the time behaves in such a way that it seems pretty serious. You just deal with it because he is smart, cute, romantic, gives you some attention, and you even may think that he'll change one day and will realize you're ‘his the one’.

2. He always switches on the airplane mode on his phone. That’s way you cannot see any incoming texts and when you ask to use it he is often nervous. When you want to check out time and take phone, he really freaks out and can shout something like ‘you are like my mom’ or ‘I hate when someone takes my personal things’.

3. He has a man ponytail.

4. He always takes his phone going to the bathroom.

cheating a girlfriend

5. He has plenty of friends (that are mostly girls) and you met only a couple of his male friends. Are there any guys at all?

6. You have met only a couple of his friends in general. He keeps saying they are always very busy or just can’t come.

7. The battery of his phone ‘dies’ quite often, well more often than any person's one. So he is always unreachable and that happens for much extended periods.

8. He doesn’t try to move forward. He makes to steps to improve your ‘relationship’. However, he gives you enough attention to stay in touch.

9. He usually has a reasonable fact why you cannot meet him. He tells something like ‘I’m not sure when I’ll finish work’ or ‘there will be just the guys’.

10. When you catch him on something unequivocal (like why he sent kisses or XO to someone in the end of the text) he turns it totally around on you, shouting you're being too suspicious or crazy.

11. He doesn’t initiate sex.

12. You always wonder where he is. However, he doesn’t want to add you on app Find My Friends.

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13. Well, he is a pretty ‘addicted’ communicator, he never leaves his phone. But at the same it takes about a century to text you (his girlfriend) back. Yes, it’s because he's always texting other girls, but he is not that fast when it‘s about writing back to you.

14. What about your plans? He says ‘yes, let’s go on vacation!’ or ‘yes! I’d love to go to your cousins wedding’. But then he suddenly begins acting weird like and almost panic when you actually start to book a hotel or a rental car. Also he hates talking about you or your future plans, even when it’s about where you're planning to go on Saturday.

15. He keeps falling off the map all the time.

16. He keeps relationship with his ex. But he says ‘they are just friends’. Have you boyfriend cheated with ex yet? If they are already ‘friends’, believe us it may happen very soon.

17. When your boyfriend cheats and lies about simple random things all the time, however it doesn't really matter. It’s one of the best signs.

18. His follows on Instagram are always sexy-looking or even half-naked women.

cheating with a friend

19. There are plenty of numbers without saved names in his phone. You can also be sure, there are girls under those numbers and they are certainly in some relationship, which he wants to hide.

20. You also don’t know his family. Maybe you saw his mom. But there was nothing about his future plans or like you’ve become an important part of his family.

21. You see alarming texts in laptop, phone or something like this, saying ‘So what’s up today? Still working?’ or ‘Let’s repeat that evening’. So you can be totally sure they had some conversation or even meeting before.

22. You’ve found women’s stuff in his apartment. Well, this is extremely obvious. Sorry, but he is cheating. When a boyfriend cheats it’s sad, but leaving with an unfaithful and not loving partner is much sadder.

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