How to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else?

How to know if she has just slept with someone else? Learn the 5 signs you can use to determine that!

girlfriend has slept with someone else

This is a serious issue. Disloyalty in relationship can easily kill them. Cheating is heartbreaking. So, guys, how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else?

Signs she slept with someone else:

Unfortunately, both men and women tend to cheat. They do it for different reasons, but the consequences are the same – the breakup. If you notice these things about your lady, she might be sleeping with someone else!

  1. Lack of passion
    Surely men and women need different amounts of sex. So, if she turns you down time to time it does not mean she is cheating. But if that happens all the time, there is a problem. It might be the other man or you may not make her happy in bed. In any case, such relations will not last long. She might be too tired and satisfied after having sex with another guy!

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    Lack of passion
  2. Awkward smell
    Again, the causes of the odor may be different. She may have an infection in her private part. And it’s possible that she caught it from another man! Or from you if you have been cheating on her! So, alone this sign proves nothing, but in combination with others it might mean she has just slept with another man. Sex is smelly and you can feel it.
  3. Her looks
    If a lady has been somewhat untidy in her looks when she is with you (she got used to you) and rapidly that changes… Well, she may be doing herself up for another guy! So, pay attention to such things.
    Her looks
  4. Loss of eye contact
    She constantly avoids looking you in the eyes. Especially when you two talk of love and romance. This means she has something on her mind. It might be she is thinking about breaking up with you or she has someone else.
  5. Getting too defensive
    You only start hinting on a possibility of her cheating on you and she becomes angry and fights you back. At times defense is the natural way we try to cover up a lie!
    Getting too defensive

As you see, these 5 signs may indicate your woman is cheating on you. But never ever use any of these on their own. Only a combination of the signs should be interpreted.  

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