How to tell the difference between real and fake friends?

Friendship can be tricky, as sometimes you can tell a true friend from a fake one. How to see the difference between them? Here is an answer in this article.

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“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” These words by William Penn reflect everything we are looking for in a real friend. We want this person to be our shield and our refuge, someone we can trust at all times and not be afraid of getting stabbed from behind.

However, as life has shown us, it is important to know how to tell the difference not to get burnt out struggling to save friendships that are not worth it.

In this article, we will show you practical ways of how to distinguish them. In old times when people came to work for a bank, they had a special course where they were taught how to tell the difference between a real banknote and a fake one. To master this skill, they spent much time learning how a real one looks like including all the small details on it. The founders of this technique stated that there would be thousands of fake banknotes but knowing how the real one looks like will ensure the success of the worker in a long run.

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That is why to let’s look into the main qualities of a person you can have a true friendship with.

  1. A true friend will be supportive of no matter what you are up to. The image of a true friendship you get usually includes two people being each other’s biggest fans in each and every beginning. They know that sometimes doing what you are doing is no easy but they stay by your side and help you get out when you have no more strength to keep fighting.
  2. A definition of a true friendship says that these people find each other interesting and no matter what crazy idea pop in their heads, they will realize them together. No weird looks or total misunderstanding in the eyes. They love you as you are and your crazy personality is one of the main reasons they are still with you.
  3. True friends do not take offense. I mean they sure are real people, and when you treat them unfair or angrily they will stand up and ask you for an explanation. However, this will not last too long, as they like you and want to save these relationships. That is why real friends forgive you and let old offends go even when it is hard, and you are least worthy of their forgiveness.
  4. Fake friends will not have your back at all times. In cases when they can benefit from abandoning you and doing their way, they will gladly have it instead of supporting you and staying by your side no matter what. That is a difference between a genuine and a fake friend, as a true one won’t leave you when you most need him/her. They will stand by your side and support you amid storms.
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  5. Loyal friends help you develop and grow. They are aware of your strength and encourage you to grow in them. A magnificent friend will even offer you his/her help in growing in certain areas like going with you for a bike ride. They will be more than happy to spend their day off riding a bike with you.
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  6. We all have maggots in our brain, but a true friend will know everything about them and still are our friends! For instance, your fake friends will not stick around you in the mornings knowing that you are this horrible version of yourself when sleepy. On the contrary, a true friend will know about that and won’t be afraid to make fun of you and make you have a good laugh about this stuff!
  7. A constant friend is always there for you. He finds time in his busy schedule for you two to have lunch and fill each other in on what’s going on in your lives. They escape a normal circle of their daily routine to come to you in the morning when you say you sick, and they will be there for you on your Birthday even if they live in Antarctica!
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  8. An unfailing friend is the one you can trust everything. And not only be sure that no one else will know about a secret you have but also not be afraid that he will let you feel awful after learning more about you.
  9. You don’t have to try to impress your friends with the way you look when your two hang out. This means that if feel awkward around your friend in your old jeans and an ancient T-shirt, maybe that is a sign of a fake friendship. You don’t have to look too good to be around them. They will make fun of your unwashed hair, but you will still know that they love, and this friendship is true.
  10. If you were lucky enough to find a tried-and-true friend you will never have to fight for them to make time for you in their crazy schedule. Sure you have been sensitive not to demand too much attention and not be selfish about it, but in case they have a free minute they will call you or visit.
  11. Finally, real friends know how to comfort you. They won’t try to change a topic or to run away from you whenever you feel sad. Loyal friends will hold you in their arms and never let go until you calm down and come to your senses again.

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Now you know how to tell the difference between a real friend and a fake one. Just remember that having a true friendship is a work done by two people, not just one. So do not expect your friends to be supportive and caring if you do not bother to stay in touch with them or see if you can be of any help to them at the moment. Friendship is two people that like each other and are naturally driven to each other, but they are also likely to go through difficulties on their way shoulder to shoulder and never give up on this relationship.

Taking everything into consideration think of a Bible verse on friendship that shows the core of this type of relationship and its central working principle. “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” (Proverbs 18:24) Solomon knew what he was talking about, so keep his words in mind and check whether you are a loyal friend yourself and whether you are surrounded by real friends as well.

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