How to use female condom – 10 easy steps for Nigerian ladies

Wish to avoid another pregnancy in your family and raise the kids you already have? Learn how to use female condom.

Why use female condoms?

Condoms are the barrier methods of pregnancy prevention. This is one of their primary functions. A husband and a wife may enjoy intercourse without the intention of conceiving a child. No religion warns you against killing babies by abortions, but not against the natural birth control. Using condoms prevents unwanted pregnancies and allows families to have fewer and healthier, well-tended and educated kids.

why use female condom

If you have never seen such a device, you may find female condoms images here. Another reason to use a femadon is to get protected from STIs (sexually transmitted diseases) and AIDS. This is a great way to get protected and safe sex.

How femadons (women condoms) work?

To understand how femadons work you better see a picture of female condom. It’s a sort of a plastic sack (made of latex or polyurethane). It has two rings on both of its ends. The top one is enclosed with a cap, which does not let the sperm to get to your uterus. During the intercourse a man has to insert his pennies into the vagina through the outer ring. This means there is no unprotected sex for both of you.  

Pros and cons of using women condom:

what is femadone


  • It protects you from getting STIs
  • It prevents unwanted pregnancies
  • It is a barrio method, so no hormonal changes or baby killing is done
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to use (with little practicing)


  • It may evoke allergies (especially latex ones)
  • It may create loud sounds during the intercourse
  • It does not guarantee 100% safety

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How to use a female condom:

female condom use

  1. Inspect the packaging to make sure it is unbroken
    It should contain no holes or other damages.
  2. Check the expiration date
  3. Check for lubricant on the condom
    It has to be abundant and evenly spread.
  4. Practice using femadon before you actually make love
    Get several of them, because a condom cannot be reused after you practice with it. You may not succeed inserting it properly the first time. So, spend some time along getting the handles of it.
  5. Check the femadon for possible defects
    It should have no holes in it. The more lubricant you use, the easier it is to insert the device.
  6. Pick your comfy position for inserting it
    It is done similarly to how you insert a tampon. You may lay down or sit down with a leg on a chair.
  7. Squeeze the inner ring with your two fingers
    Now you can easily insert it into your vagina. Place the outer ring of the condom on your two fingers. Push the ring into your vagina
  8. Push the whole thing in
    Now it will expand al on its own. Place your fingers into the condom and push it all the way in. You should not be able to feel the femadon inside you. If you do feel it, this means you did not properly put it in.
  9. Reinsert it if you need to
    Carefully pull it out and squeeze the outer ring. Put some more lubricant on it and try again.
  10. Check for the outer ring
    It should be hanging for about 2-3 cm outside your vagina.

How effective is femadon?

femadone use

The failure rate of femadons is 21%. Compared to male condoms (97% efficacy) they are less effective and safe. Still they allow women to share the responsibility and protect themselves not only from the unwanted pregnancies, but from the STIs as well.

This information on how to use female condom will help you to make a wise decision. Your body is awesome and it can and should be protected and valued. You can make your life better by using these safe and affordable devices. 


The principle of the female condom is the same as the male condom, only it is inserted into the vagina. He even looks like a large condom, except that it has a flexible inner ring that is inserted into the vagina and the outer ring which remains outside, at a distance of approximately 3 inches from the vagina. After the introduction of the condom in the vagina, the man can insert the penis into the condom. After ejaculation, the condom should pull out.

The female condom can be inserted both in the vagina and the anus, and this is done almost the same way.

Remember that if you use the female condom, the man should not use a male condom at the same time. This will create friction, which can lead to the fact that one or two condoms will tear.

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