How virginity is lost?

Are there any signs, which will help to learn if virginity is lost? Is visit to doctor the only way to learn it precisely? Read the article and you’ll learn all necessary information about it.

How to know if virginity is lost?

Many young people interest how do you know when virginity is lost after their first sexual experience. However, it is hardly possible to define it independently. The matter is that each hymen has its individual form, structure, elasticity and tensile properties. At one people it isn't torn from many contacts because of the density, at others because of tensile properties, at the third is torn easily. At some women, it is damaged only at childbirth.

How virginity is lost?

Therefore, simple external survey won't bring reliable results about how to know virginity is lost. Moreover, if the hymen after all remained intact, then such survey can lead to its damage. The only exit: the girl has to visit the gynecologist. The matter is that only expert can define whether the hymen is whole if it isn't present, when it was destroyed and whether was it there initially.

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How to know if virginity is lost

Young men and girls also should know that existence or lack of blood and pain during sexual intercourse can't be a reason for doubts in innocence of the girl. If you haven't felt the moment of rupture of the hymen or haven't seen blood, it proves nothing. Perhaps, the girl has strongly extensible hymen, or it was absent since birth, or initially had in the structure of a big opening, or there are few blood vessels in it, or the girl was unsuccessfully looked by gynecologist. There are a lot of different situations in life. These are some of them.

how do you know when virginity is lost

How virginity can be lost?

  • Sexual games without classical sexual intercourse, that is caress with using of fingers and other objects. Besides, you shouldn't forget that such games can lead to pregnancy development, even at preservation of integrity of hymen.
  • Masturbation including introduction of fingers or any alien objects. Soft and careful introduction of finger or some penetration to a vagina not always leads to defloration as hymen can be rather extensible and have physiological openings. Moreover, introduction of finger to vagina can lead to feeling that there is no hymen. But such games can lead to defloration, which as a rule is painless for a girl.

How virginity can be lost

  • Misuse of tampons. However, introduction of vaginal tampons of small size, intended for using by virgins doesn't harm integrity of hymen, especially if the tampon is entered with using of special applicator and they don't make something extreme with it.
  • Introduction of special tools at gynecologic survey in case when the girl has forgotten to warn about her virginity.

In other words, you can't precisely learn how your virginity is lost, but there are some signs, which will help you to understand that it has for certain happened.


Paradoxically, perhaps, it sounds, but in order to lose your virginity without pain, need to stop feeling like a virgin and to stop thinking about the pain. You have to love your partner so much that the desire to possess the beloved and surrender to the beloved, has eclipsed all others – fear and all prejudices. So you became not to think about. To emotions overwhelmed you, and your brain would, in General, disconnected.

Instinct is the most accurate guide you along the way where you will do everything to ensure that pain had nothing to arise. When instinct will drive you, you will only be excited, but the problem is the loss of innocence will be forgotten. The same hormones produced during sexual arousal with have including and analgesic properties.

Answered 1 year ago.

In general, the article we can conclude that the presence of the hymen in devushki- it's individual characteristics. You see how it is that even during intercourse hymen can not be damaged, but only during the delivery. For me it was enough new information. Always I thought that during intercourse virginity necessarily lost, but apparently is quite different. That's the nature of, and no wonder they say that the female body - it is a mystery, because in fact it is so, and to fully understand the features of the body's need for many years. So, if you do not uviditesledov blood after sex - do not worry, this is normal.

Answered 1 year ago.
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