I had sex without a condom – what to do after unprotected sex?

Should I panic after unprotected sex without condom? Find out what to do and how to handle this situation.

There are a lot of disputes “I had sex without a condom and I’m scared” – this phrase can be often seen at forums on the Internet. Actually, everything isn't that terrible as it seems. There are many ways to avoid undesirable consequences. Let's consider them in more details.

I had sex without a condom

What is unprotected sex?

The risk of unwanted pregnancy arises in case of the unprotected sex. Unprotected intercourse is any inter-gender contact, during which sperm of the man could get into woman's vagina.

Examples of unprotected copulation are the following:

  • Usual sexual bond without using protection, when the man has made an ejaculation in vagina of a woman;
  • Having sex without a condom and pulling out. If your boyfriend had sex without condom but didn't ejaculate, it doesn't guarantee protection against undesirable pregnancy yet;
  • Intimacy when condom has torn or slipped;
  • Pairing, which happened after the woman has missed reception of her contraceptive tablets.

What is unprotected sex?

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Having sex without a condom – consequences

So, you’ll probably ask: “Can having interrelation without a condom get you pregnant?” The greatest sex without a condom pregnancy chances exist in case of the unprotected coupling, which has happened within the second and third weeks after the beginning of the next period. However, emergence of pregnancy from mating, which took place directly before and after monthly and even during monthly periods, is possible.

You also shouldn’t forget that sex without a condom hurts appropriate organs. It occurs if not enough greasing is emitted during the process. In this case, the condom helps to soften the pairing. Special lubricant is specially applied on the surface.

Having sex without a condom – consequences

How to avoid pregnancy?

As well as other contraceptive methods, the emergency contraception helps to avoid development of undesirable pregnancy.

It means that methods of the one interfere with pregnancy development, when it is absent yet, but don't suppress development of already viable embryo, as it occurs during abortion. This is basic distinction between urgent contraception and abortion.

It is known that conception happens not in time and even not right after sex, but several days later or even weeks after it. Thus, after unprotected sex there is a period lasting about 3-4 days, during which development of pregnancy can be stopped. If measures of the emergency contraception aren't taken in this interval of time or will be undertaken later, it won't be possible to stop gestation’s development. In that case, it will be necessary to make abortion to get rid of undesirable childbearing.

Thus, if from the moment of unprotected interrelations, no more than 3 days have passed, you can start studying of recommendations about using of measures of the emergency contraception.

How to avoid pregnancy?

What to do if I haven't managed to take a pill in time?

If from the moment of unprotected mating passed more than mentioned above period, there is no sense to take medicine for emergency contraception. It will be absolutely useless.

In such situation, it is possible to stop pregnancy development only by means of installation of intrauterine spiral. Efficiency in this case is more than 99%. Installation of a spiral can prevent pregnancy development even 5 days later after intercourse. However, it is performed only by the gynecologist. If you don't want to carry a spiral for a long time, you will be able to remove it after the following period, when absence of pregnancy is precisely established. If you decide to keep a spiral inside, then it will be able to provide you very high level of protection against undesirable pregnancy within the next several years.

What to do if I haven't managed to take a pill in time?

Now you know all necessary actions after unprotected sex. Don't worry and follow the instructions as soon as possible and always wear protection if you don’t want to get the undesirable pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.


If you assume that you will have sex (you can't really think that it will not!), we need to bring condoms. It is clear that condoms need to carry always. However, it so happens that a condom is, and the forces and considerations to use no – to this state gain alcohol some people with courage, always ready for amorous exploits. After unprotected sex it is better to urinate. Jet removes a portion of the discharge. But still can get infected. For example, hepatitis virus or herpes. Try to treat the surface with Miramistin or chlorhexidine. This is a very strong antiseptics, which kill the infection. It is desirable to treat the surface of the genitals within 2 hours after contact. Even if it took a little more time – still apply. Typically, the instructions will indicate low timing.

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