I need help can you please help me?

I've broken up with this beautiful girl so many times and I need help on getting her back she tells me she doesn't want me anymore that she says no when I asked her to think about it but I love this girl shes my world I love her I can't let her go I love her I desire her I need her but I miss her I just want her back in my life cuz I can't picture her with another guy

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Think hard before you try to get it back . Do you really love her , and if you need the attitude is really where you are constantly separated, causing each - other pain. Perhaps you simply do not fit with each - other? Try to let go of it , maybe it will be for the better, and you'll be glad that broke that everything turned out that way , because in the most unpredictable moment you can find your true love , your soul mate and a part of himself . So gather forces in a fist and think whether you really need this girl ?

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