I slept with a stranger

What are the psychological reasons of sleeping with a stranger? Read the information below to learn more about this hot theme.

According on frank statements of many women, sleeping with a stranger is not a rarity. The reasons can be various: one decide to get new experience, others consider that such sex is better for health, the third revenge for something to unfaithful partners etc. In any case the care of your own safety anyway will be not excessive. So what to do if I slept with a stranger?

I slept with a stranger

I slept with a complete stranger: the reasons

  • You know each other hundred years. The drunk goes to the head, and language of a body has begun silent conversation about feelings. This is a common case for I slept with a stranger wattpad. Have you ever had feeling that after five-minute conversation with the man there is an impression that you are familiar all your life? And you understand that you want him here and now. And he reciprocates. Though this case hasn't reached love, but hormones have an effect. So what prejudices can be here?

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  • In life of some women, simply there aren't enough sharp impressions, bright events and attention. Therefore, the passionate women living in female soul sometimes escape outside in the form of rash acts. But in our life nothing occurs incidentally. And if you had sex with a stranger, it means that you were psychologically ready to it in advance, and didn't exclude option of its opportunity.

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sleeping with a stranger

  • The classical plot for some sleeping with a stranger movie: people met, acquainted and everything has ended with sex. But intimacy was only necessary for you in mercenary purposes: for example, to the guy who has exchanged you for some stranger. By the way, such revenge sometimes is useful to restoration of psychological health. Having revenged, you exempted from a complex of the victim. But on the other hand, after sex there is an unpleasant feeling and a sincere devastation because of revenge. You plainly have not derived pleasure and didn't consider unfamiliar man as potential boyfriend, and only used a fling.

I slept with a stranger wattpad

Last night I slept with a stranger: what to do?

  • Even if your decision to have sex with the stranger was spontaneous, nevertheless before taking the last step, try to observe your potential partner when he communicates with other people. Humiliate boasting, ruthlessness have to become your caution to further events. In this regard, trust your own instincts.
  • Whatever you do, it is desirable to be sober. Firstly, your choice will be adequate. Secondly, if something goes wrong, you will be able to make correct decision on ways of exit from a dangerous situation. You will be able to run away from dangerous place or strange person.

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  • In advance think with what you will be protected if suddenly sex develops into something unpredictable and unsafe for your health or life. By the way, it makes sense to agree honestly with the person about what you wait from him for and how far you want to come. If something is inadmissible for you, speak about it at once and don't agree to do something for what you will reproach yourself after sex.

Last night I slept with a stranger

  • Don't forget to take care of your health. Use condoms, which will minimize danger of infection with venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
  • If you have already made such silly thing as unprotected copulation, try to buy emergency contraception in the nearest drugstore as soon as possible. Some of them can help to destroy harmful bacteria in several hours after sexual intercourse.

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