I slept with him on the first date

How to behave at the first date? Is sex necessary? Read the article to dispel your doubts.

 ‘I slept with him on the first date – please help!’ – It is a common question in Yahoo search. According to researches, every fourth women is ready to have sex on the first date. For what do they come into sexual contact at the first meeting? What to do after that?

I slept with him on the first date

Sleeping with a guy on the first date reasons

  • Curiosity. The guy is beautiful, remarkable, and rather relaxed. He isn't avaricious and ready to pay a visit of restaurant and to present a magnificent bouquet. It is interestingly, what he tries to reach? Maybe wants to emphasize, that he is so affable and inventive in bed? It is necessary to try.
  • Fear that refusal in sex will spoil everything. Who knows what he will think if I refuse him? Maybe that I am very unmodern girl? Who will agree to pine in sexual expectation for a week, a month, or half a year? Especially as now there are a lot of girls ready for everything only to catch this guy.
  • The girl has grown up. Her friends tell a lot of interesting things about intimacy, and she still expects her prince. And why not this guy, with whom I have got acquainted just now? Maybe it is he?

I slept with him on the first date help

Sleeping with him on the first date – opinion of guys

What guys think about sex on the first date? It amuses their vanity, especially if the girl has a reputation of touchy person. On the other hand – such availability can raise questions: if I managed to incline the girl to sex so quickly, then where is a guarantee that at another man it won't turn out with the same success?

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Sleeping with a guy on the first date

Now what?

Girls very often consider sex on the first appointment as prolog of long and qualitative relations. So let's try to answer a question: what to do to not push away the man?

  • If the man is capable to present you confidence that you are absolutely special woman in his life and you understand that he is in love and you are weakened and happy near him – it is a right indicator that your relations have ripened for a bed. But if you doubt, trust in intuition: give time to understand your feelings.

Sleeping with him on the first date

  • Don't use sex to capture attention of the guy, to transfer relations to a new level or to become pregnant that he married you. Don't follow the tastes of his requests just because you can't refuse – be able to say “no”.
  • Always ask a question: what you actually want? What stands behind your desire? Never have sex because of fear to lose the guy. It is the shortest way to parting. Men feel your fears, your dependence, and power over you, and just lose their interest.
  • If you consider that sex has happened too quickly, recognize your defeat and disappear, without any explanations and calls: wait for the first step from him, and then, indifferently, communicate with the man as with ordinary boyfriend who tries to obtain your attention.

Now what

  • It is very important how you will behave after sex. It isn't necessary to wait for love recognitions and definiteness from man. Turn off a waiting mode in your brain and switch to other interests in your life. The guy shows activity and insists on continuation of the relations? Remarkably! Doesn't hurry to call you? Don't wait for him and his call! Watch what he thinks about you and copy his behavior. You can show easy disinterest. It will intrigue him.

I slept with him on the first date 1

  • The main thing: not to be disappointed, don't begin to see your future husband in him while he sees only the mistress in you. The man who wants to be with you will be persistent and won't allow you to disappear from his life. And if you ask a question: is it necessary to have sex with this guy, understand that there are no correct or wrong answers here. Everything depends on you.


Human biology and psychology work in certain similar principles, the vast majority of people. You've probably already heard that the man is a hunter by nature, he needed to hunt, to seek, to win. It is a biological side.. if you are wondering: "to Sleep or not with him on the first date?", assume the following: most men wouldn't like it, because the chain of "want-have" runs too fast and effortless, therefore the result will be value significantly less, plus the advanced nature of the hunter doesn't get her way. But is there any chance that you will come across one of those men, which is not particularly important. Want to take the risk?

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