I want to fall in love again

Got hurt after a break up? How do you start all over again and fall in love? Get some practical tips.

Love is fine and strong feeling, which can cause both desires to create and pain with suffering. For certain you heard from divorced friends "I don't want to fall in love again". People very often speak and write about the first love, about how it appears and what feelings causes. But they say "I want to start loving again" very seldom.

i want to fall in love again

It is very important to know: at a rupture of the relations, treason and even divorce, it is possible to keep family and fine relations, having just fallen in love again. If you don't want the end of relations, you understood that you began to love your husband or wife less, but you don't want to destroy a family, you need to add some romance. Of course, the feeling of love isn't subject to person, but sometimes it is enough to look at the man with other eyes to love fire, which warmed you all these years, has flashed again. So, how to fall in love?

Think about how realistic to fall in love with the ex-husband or boyfriend is. Try to estimate why feelings have died, what became a reason, what acts of darling have caused your disappointment. If at heart, you regret that love has passed, and your other half continues to feel love, than there are chances that you may fall in love again.

how to fall in love again

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If you have left, but after some time it became clear that it was a mistake, try to learn through mutual friends what feelings the former beloved has. If he regrets about incident and is still alone, then don't waste time in vain and invite him or her to meet. The love becomes stronger when people are in separation. Having left, you have an opportunity to estimate all offenses, claims and happened quarrels in different way; to understand that you shouldn't pay attention to some moments. If you realized it, maybe it's time to say to your lover: Let’s fall in love?

But you shouldn't try to fall in love again if the last relations have ended by agreement, and former beloved and you don't wish its renewal. To do it again, it is necessary that the love remained at heart. If there is nothing to remember, except quarrels, treason and offenses, then there is no need to pass this unsuccessful stage in life again. It is better to release everything and to wait for emergence of new big and pure love that will allow you to immerse into this beautiful feeling.

quote on love

So, these are some advices, which will help you to remember your love sensations:

  • Remember the first acquaintance and appointment with former darling. Feel forgotten sentiments and look at beloved with eyes of girl or guy which you once were.
  • Begin to say about love more often, about how he/she is dear to you. Tell that you are happy person because he/she is nearby. Having changed the attitude towards the personality, you feel a love stream from him or her at once.
  • Constantly remember all good that your beloved has made for you. Eventually, begin to compare him or her to others, noting only merits, attitude towards you, care and attention.
    falling in love after a break up
  • Praise your sweetheart and tell tender words which are pleasant to your half not less than 3 times a day.
  • Present your valentine with other woman/man.
  • If you leave home for work before your beloved does, leave on pillow a note with words of love and wish of good day. Having returned from work, spend a little time with your darling, listen to him/her, arrange some unexpected surprise (even a sexual one, why not?).

falling in love

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If any of offered councils and ways doesn't help, and you really can't fall in love again then it is worth thinking: If I ever fall in love? Perhaps, the love has finally deceased and you shouldn't torment yourself and your half with unsuccessful attempts to return it. But if you trust, you surely will be able to fall in love again, you only need to find suitable object for that.


Divorce for everyone is very painful, because you live and Ljubisa as you think the mother you someone with whom to make plans for the future, planning to children, and the like, and at one point all this is destroyed, and the man is no longer in your life, and it is very difficult to survive, and therefore voznikayut such questions about how to fall in love again. After all, fear once again disappointed in a favorite for you man, or think that more of the native will not find more, but life is long and everything in it is forgotten, even the largest gorechchi.

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Before to plunge into the maelstrom of a new relationship, should take pause and evaluate the possible prospects. It is important to explore previous relationships to understand what went wrong and why there was a break in relations. Thus, you increase the chances that the next time will be able to avoid this. "It is important to assess their role in that relationship didn't work," explains family therapist Elena Litova. Ask yourself: when you and your partner are having the most serious misunderstanding? What was the most frequent cause of quarrels? Could you now, when the emotional intensity is reduced, to do something differently? Honest answers will help you build the relationship after the break so to avoid the same mistakes.

Answered 1 year ago.
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