“I wish you would marry me”: how to make sure she is your Miss Right?

How do you find the best woman to marry? Answer these 3 questions to know that for sure.

your Miss Right

It is not so easy to marry somebody, even if you know each other for years. To be more accurate, there is no problem in the marriage itself, but just think: you choose this girl for the entire life, not just for a week, a month or even a year. People do not notice the vices of their soul mates at first, although the time shows all the problems. But everyone has vices. So what’s to be done?

Maybe she won’t be perfect, but it does not matter if she is perfect for you. Do you understand each other? Do your needs match with her needs? Answer honestly three questions below, and you will understand if your marriage would be happy.

1. How does she view the marriage?

How does she see a perfect family? Do not be afraid to ask. What if she does not want children, and you want to have at least five? Maybe, she thinks you have to decide all the questions while you don’t like patriarchate at all? Discuss all in detail to find what would be normal for you both as these things are very important.

 Miss Right

2. How does she love?

Love has different forms. For example, if she doesn’t touch you, you start to sorrow. At the same time, she needs your words.  “He does not declare me his love… Maybe, it is not love at all?” Problems of misunderstanding appear and become the ban of your life. There are five main ways to get love and receive it: you can give gifts, touch her, spend time together, service her or say about your love. You need to know what of these is perfect for any of you.

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 Miss Right in Nigeria

3. How does she spend money?

If you are not a millionaire, that is an essential question. Does she buy mostly necessary things or throws money away, to impress people, for example? In the later case you should weigh in if it is possible for you to live with her without running into debt.

Here are the main things you should know exactly. Look at all them entirely. What do you see? 

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