If God Were To Recreate The World, Would He Still Add Women?

“When God created the world with, he could rest, when God created the animals, he could rest, when God created man, he was still able to rest, but when God created woman, neither God, nor man, nor even the woman herself has rested” anonymous.

From Adam, David, Solomon, Samson (Lion killer), Julius caesar, Mac Anthony, Napoleon etc have stories about women to tell.

Question: Who asked Herod to behead John the Baptist? (100 Marks)

The Trojan War, the battle at troy between France and Athens had a woman (Helen) as the cause of the war.

Ask pastors, priests, bishops, the rich, top politicians, brilliant students, producers, actors, artist, comedians and other influential people, including yourself, the greatest challenges they face you will find out that women have a top priority. They have a good way of sniffing out the phone numbers of these people and are never shy of making the calls. Think for a moment, how many times women or a woman has prevented you from doing or going somewhere important for the simple reason that she wants to feel important.

Stop and think again for a moment, why we really want to have sleek cars, well furnished apartments, flashy clothes, phones and why we have the urge to make money and more money, we will soon find out that it is either we want/ hope to impress or satisfy some lady, somewhere even  if it is our mother.

Do you think that if a man was sure that he could get any woman of his choice without those things or better still if there was no woman at all that he would still work as hard?

You need to be in an environment where they are only guys, maybe in a hostel to understand how simple their lives can be, you will admire their communal life, their high sense of humour and teasing without offence. Introduce one women or women and notice the sharp change in their behaviour and attitude, pretence will start, the once up on a time interesting jokes and teasing will turn to insults, the tension will be obvious. Good friends will become sworn enemies,  of course, they will chose another good reason or excuse for the quarrel, the truth is, if the ladies weren’t involved, they would not have quarreled.

Take another scenario, a parent sell all he has to set up his first son, he has nothing left and prays to God to bless what he has done. God answer him, his son begins to do well. He marries, a woman from nowhere comes into the picture, not knowing how much sacrifice some people had to go through to put him where he is. The minute she feels secured she begins to complain that he is sending too much money home, when other issues are left unaddressed. The question is, would she have married him if those people had not made those sacrifices? The funnies thing is that the other pressing issues may just be her clothes, jewelries, gold or even her hair.

Please, do not get me wrong, the stories of women have not all been tales of wow, stories exist of woman who have achieve great feats and class.

However, man will continue to fall for the wiles of the ladies, man will never learn, man will continue to either slowdown or abort his dreams because of women. After all, they are “necessary evil” that we must live with.

With all these things, do u think God would alter his original plan even if he finds out that it is not good for man to be alone.

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woman EVE; the FIRST REBEL

- was a Risk Taker, not a Temptress or Victim



I think if any woman in the past has ever initiated anything terrible, it is not because she is a woman, but instead she is a woman with bad intentions. Same with the various men across history who have committed sins upon sins. I don't believe that one man or woman can hold the reputation for a whole population. That is why God has selected several people who he felt were true followers of the faith to carry out miracles and to do his work on Earth.

To the original poster; you painted a picture of perfection between God and man in the garden of eden, and it seems to suggest that it was the arrival of the woman that changed everything, when it is clear that this is not the case. It was the arrival of SATAN at the scene that changed everything, because at one point, God, man & woman all lived in peace.

I'm not sure what God would do if he happened to recreate the world, but I have faith in where he is leading us.



What a negative rundown and distrustful view of God.

You asked a question "If God Were To Recreate The World, Would He Still Add Women?" and answered it during your rabitting and wet blanket.

Go had/is already recreating the world.

God was setting off recreating the "world" when he chose a woman (i.e. Mary)

Moreover the characters of the men in your summation where of the old man type and not of the new man's.

The new creation and all things becoming brand new does make a whole lot of difference . . .

The male will be incomplete without the female, at least in this dispensation . . .

During creation woman was the best left for the end.

Without a woman, salvation wouldn't be readily available to the world.

Without a woman, you wouldnt be here because you can't/wouldn't be a doing a genie entrance to earth . . .

So let's put the demon of gynophobia or misogyny to rest, eh?

It's a faux pas, it's embrassing and a distraction . . .

[center]The "enemy" is within you and not outside - Woman is the least of concerns[/center]


U could be a pastor u know but lets see the bright light of every thing here

wen God created the earth and man he said and it was good then woman was not in place den he said let us make him an helper

Now the second judgement wen God had problems with human in the days of Noah he said i regretted creating man and his days shall be a hundred and 20 scores look at the picture who do u think God regretted making man or woman

Pastor judge fairly.wen u judge well i wud tell u wat the book of marymagdalene said wen peter had problems with her ok

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