Is a person interested in you or just polite?

It is often hard to tell whether someone is interested in you or is just being nice no to offend you. However, we know the signs of flirting that will tell you that someone is flirting with you. So keep reading!

Interested person

It is always thrilling to start new relationships. And especially the time before you actually start them: that feeling of whether he likes me or not, is he/she just being friendly and polite or is interested in you. You may have many doubts, but there are ways to find out someone’s attitude to you by following these easy steps.

First of all, keep in mind that the attitude and intention of a person about you can be seen not only in his/her words but also through the so known body language. It is a scientific fact that people communicate only less than 10 percent of the information through their words, while they say more than 55 per cent through gestures and mimics and about 35 percent via so-called “speaking signals.” If you are attentive, enough you will notice that the person you are talking to can be saying much more than you hear. All you have to do is to pay attention to his behavior.

Here are ways for you to identify a woman that is interested in you by the way she talks and behaves around you. You might have already heard about it before, but women all have one common habit they do when they are flirting with a man they like. Whenever talking to you or being around you, she starts tossing her hair. This also applies to a man. If she is doing that when she is around you, be sure she likes you a lot. However, her attitude to you can also be determined by the way she touches her hair. Sometimes you can see that she is doing that is a casual way or as if trying to seduce you. Nevertheless, if she does not stop touching it, it means she does not feel confident and comfortable around you.

interested in you

An interested girl might also start licking her lips. It is also a common way to tell you that she is into you. This way, the psychologists explain, the girl interested in you invited you to pay attention to her lips and maybe even kiss her. However, the man still needs to be careful, as this sign might not necessarily mean that she is interested. It might also mean that she has a bad habit and can’t help it! So please be careful and do not go for a kiss without seeking her permission. Otherwise, you can get into trouble and feel embarrassed.

Remember back at school when you used to tease a girl you liked every time she was around? Well, that might still work for grown-ups. For some reasons, this stupid habit stays with us. We believe that it is a good idea to tease someone in order just to attract his/her attention. Both an interested man and a girl into you can be using teasing as a way to say I like you. However, you should also make sure that this is not her personality. Some people keep teasing others just for fun without saying “I like you!”

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When you like someone, you really want to be around this person. That is why an interested person always tries to sit next to you. It helps them feel the smell of your perfume as well as sometimes accidentally touch you. So every time you notice that a girl is trying to sit closer to you in a group of people or is coming closer when you talk, you can state that she is interested and might be flirting. Take this sign as her way of saying “I want to be with you.” Also, pay attention if she is constantly moving away from you: this can serve as a warning for you.

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When you like someone, you want to know more about this person, and subconsciously you trust this person. That’s why you want to hear about the dreams, aspirations, hopes and biggest frustrations as well as the daily routine of a person you like. Moreover, whenever this person shares something with you, you are willing to share something too for him to get to know you better.  If you see this tendency working in your communication with a certain person, be sure that he/she likes you and is willing to get closer to you.

how interested is she

Psychologists recommend starting your conversations with a woman you like with a question that can be answered simply. For instance, asking her something like “How are you?” or “How was your week?” can be helpful here. They explain that when to ask simple questions, women can answer in a few words if they are not interested in you. However, if she is willing to share something or to ask you something back is a sign that she might be flirting and trying to get to know you. This woman is definitely into you!

You can also find out what the other person is thinking about you by the way he/she stands when you are talking. What I mean is that there are ways to stand when your attitude is quite obvious. You can turn away from the one you are talking to, or as other psychologists say, you can cross your arms. This way if a man or a woman talking to you while trying to lean back or crossing his/her arms, keep in mind that he/she is trying to block the communication with you. This is a sign of no interest in getting to know you better. On the contrary, if a person is standing in a way that is of course open and vulnerable, she/he is willing to talk to you and at least make friends with you. This also refers to those cases when a man is whispering something into your ears: he is leaning toward you, which is a good sign in your case.

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People that like you or are flirting with you are more likely to repeat your moves and poses. What I mean is that it is scientifically known that we like those people that are more like us, we like to associate ourselves with people we like; that is why we repeat their gestures and poses in order to feel the way they feel or at least try to. That is why to watch out: if a man or a woman you are talking to is repeating your moves or mimicking you, she or he is interested in you and wants you to see that. They don’t do that on purpose; however, sometimes they do it subconsciously, which only proves our point here.

One of the last things you can pay attention to when trying to figure out whether the person likes you or not is they way a woman holds her head when talking to you. Psychologists say that women believe that doing certain things makes them more attractive to men. Among this stuff are laughing in a way that her head leans back or tilting her head when listening to someone. This body language sign is very strong. If a woman tilts her head in a way that she reveals her neck and smiles, she wants the man she is talking to see how beautiful she is. In the case when she is not doing this on purpose, she is telling you that you caught her attention.

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And finally, there is no better way to see the attitude of a person to you than in his/her eyes. “Eyes are the mirror if the soul”, and it still applies in cases when you are not sure whether this person is interested in you or not. Let’s see what psychologists say about it. First of all, start with the way she looks at you. The fact that she looks into your eyes when listening is precious! This means that you are successful in her eyes. On the contrary, if the woman is looking at someone else when you are talking to her means that you do not attract her, and she would rather not waste her time om you.

Moreover, there is a special trick women use to make a man like them. They start with catching your glance, then look down for a short time and then look into your eyes again. Is a girl does that to you, she is 100 per cent interested in you and is flirting with you at that moment.

As you see, there are many ways to tell whether a girl or a man is interested in you. All you have to do is to pay attention and watch out. However, read these signs carefully if you are not a pro, as you might embarrass yourself by reading too much into it. Other than that start practicing these lessons and soon you will know the difference.

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