Is it healthy to have sex during mens?

Can you have sex during menstruation period? What are the rules to follow to protect your own and your partner’s health? You’ll find out everything you wanted to know about sex during mens here right now!

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For most beloved couples sex during menstruation period is taboo. However, there are also their opponents – those, who believe that sex during menstruation can be more sensual and vivid. Every month female body passes a kind of test in the form of menstruation. Menstruation is a natural physiological process associated with a certain discomfort.

Menstruation and sex

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Of course, this question is individual; to say it’s good or bad is difficult. Gynecologists agree that such sex does not bear the slightest injury only on condition that women's reproductive health is in excellent condition and if she and her partner follow all the rules of hygiene during the love joys. In all other cases, there are some risks, especially for a woman's health.

Can you make love during menstruation, can it be fraught and how to protect yourself during ‘these days’ and not to get pregnant? Many young couples do not want to interrupt sex to those 4-7 days, during which the female menstrual bleeding occurs. The reason for that is the passion and increased libido of women during this period. Other couples look forward to these days, as it is believed that in this phase of the cycle a woman cannot get pregnant, and therefore a man can avoid using condoms. Let us consider the basic nuances of love during menstruation, and answer the question - is it possible to have sex during menstruation and under what conditions or there are some menstruation taboo.


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Risk #1. Endometritis and development of other inflammatory processes.

Endometritis is an inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus. The disease is difficult enough. Sex during menstruation threatens the woman with endometritis due to the fact that the cervix is ​​slightly opened in this period, as a direct channel for the spread of pathogens, if such are found in the vagina. Together with the blood flow, they migrate into the cavity, and inflammation may worsen not only in utero, but simply in the vagina. It is treated more easily, but it’s still unpleasant. Women should be aware that after such a sex the slightest inflammation or infection of the external genitalia and the perineal area (which is not always even may be felt) may develop a complex inflammatory process in the uterus itself.

Risk #2. Infectious diseases.

It is considered that the pregnancy after sex during menstruation does not occur, and therefore the couple hurry to abandon the barrier method of contraception (condoms), forgetting that it was it, what protects transmission of sexually transmitted infections. If any are found in the body of a man or a woman, the unprotected sex during menstruation will facilitate the exchange of such undesirable pathogens. Moreover, the blood is an excellent conductor for bacteria.

Risk #3. Unexpected pregnancy.

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It has already been said about the opinion of many couples about that. Pregnancy is really unlikely to occur, but it is not excluded. The lowest risk of getting pregnant is during 2-3 day of cycle; however, even the fans of such sex prefer to postpone joy for 5-6 days because the bleeding is particularly abundant in the early days of the cycle. However, ovulation (the most favorable for the pregnancy period, which usually occurs in the middle of the cycle), in some cases, it may last about 6-8 days. In addition, in one cycle the ovulation may happen twice, plus in the uterus trapped sperm retain its vitality for 5 days. All these facts indicate the likelihood of fertilization.

People think they shouldn’t have sex during the critical days, that there are extra disadvantages and a certain danger. There are some very common myths about it, but not all of them are confirmed.


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Myth #1. Sex during menstruation increases the pain.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Firstly, a lot of women tell about increased libido during menstruation. Secondly, the presence of blood in the vagina means you shouldn’t bother about dryness. Third, orgasm triggers uterine contractions, thereby providing greater separation of endometrial fluid outflow from its cavity, which ultimately reduces the pain.

Myth #2. During menstruation sexual desire is low.

The human body is so individual that it cannot be stated unambiguously. If these days are accompanied by severe pain, weakness and malaise, it is normal that she does not want sex. However, there is another category of women – during these days they are experiencing a significant surge of energy, increased libido, and feel fine. Among men there are a lot of supporters and opponents of sex during menstruation. There is even a menstruation taboo. Some believe it is squeamish and uncomfortable, others, on the contrary, are stimulated with this fact and they consider menstruation very feminine.

Myth #3. Sex during menstruation affects ovulation and cycle time.

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Uterine contractions during orgasm may bring the end of menstruation, because in this way the entire uterus is leaving all the separated endometrium at the same time. More soon endometrial exfoliation of dead skin cells and provides (a male sperm contained in) the prostaglandins, substances that affect blood vessels. The opposite effect may happen too- the tendency to have huge blood flow to the female genital organs during menstruation can extend the critical days or provoke a full bleed.

If the woman still considers valid and wants to have sex during the critical days, you need to follow the following recommendations.


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Rule #1. Hygiene.

Before and after sex it is necessary to carry out the procedures, such as a shower – both for a woman and a man. Some women find it necessary to do irrigation in order at least for a while to clear the vagina from blood, but we must remember that irrigation washes away the blood and the female flora, thereby breaking ‘the natural environment’.

Rule #2. Use a condom.

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Only permanent sexual partners may refuse using it, only if they are confident that they both have no infections. In other cases, the use of barrier contraception protects men agains infection of pathogenic microflora, which presents in the vagina of women, and vice versa. However, the condom does not protect against the spread of pathogens in the reproductive system of the woman, if they were there before. Thus, there may develop endometriosis from a simple inflammatory process in the vagina.

Rule #3. Place for sex.

It is necessary to take into account the probability of bleeding and sexual intercourse is better to have in the shower, in the bathroom, or in bed, but grab the towel, oil cloth and, of course, wet wipes. Choose a pose without deep penetration, in which the allocation of blood can be minimized, for example, the classic missionary position. It is worth to switch off the light, so the couple will not be distracted seeing blood.

Menstruation, conception and contraception

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Pregnancy can happen not on any day of the menstrual cycle, but only on the day of ovulation. It happens approximately on 12-16 days of the menstrual cycle. So, for all the doubters - whether it is possible to make love on the first day of the menstruation, we answer ‘yes’. Indeed, even if some nimble sperm survives in the female reproductive system for several days, anyway, it will not live up to ovulation. Quite a different answer you will get, asking the question whether it is possible to make love on the last day of the menstruation without fear of getting pregnant. Yes, the conception can occur if a woman has prolonged menstruation and the cycle is short. As ovulation may sometimes occur on the 10th day of cycle and menstruation may last for 7-8 days. Thus, for hygienic reasons and in order to prevent unwanted conception - use the condom.

Sex during mens is very personal so talk about it and choose the best for your couple!

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