Is sex good for seniors? – Scientists reveal shocking news for men!

Is sex good for senior people? What scientists say about it is pretty shocking!

Is sex good for seniors

Men love sex, right? And when they are young, it is good for their health. However, what scientists have discovered about the seniors is quite shocking!

Two facts about sex for seniors:

Fact #1

What happens, when you turn 50, guys? Well, your body changes and we have a piece of news for you. 50+ men can get killed by having sex! The research shows, that having sex often contributes to higher risks of heart strokes in men.

It may happen because your vessels and heart gets too strained by this process. So, there are cases, when older men die while getting busy. It’s a sweet death and no mistake, but if you wish to live a longer life, limit the amount of intimacy and its intensity.

Another reason why it happens is because men tend to use drugs to boost their sexual activity and erection. These can negatively affect the heart’s health.

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 sex for seniors

Fact #2:

We have the good news for senior ladies. Once you turn 50+, sex becomes even healthier for you. You can have as much of it as you want and it makes your heart healthier and lowers the risks of strokes.

As you see, sexual activity has different consequences for seniors of different gender. Enjoy it while you can.

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