Is sex good or bad

Do you doubt if sex is good or bad for you? Read this article and learn some useful information.

There are a lot of pleasant things about having sex. However, is sex good or bad for you? It’s not only the pleasure that you get but it also affects your health. So let’s find out!

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Having sex is good for your health!

According to the studies of the majority of the scientists it’s obvious that having sex is good not only because you physically enjoy it but it is also very good for your mind!

Werner Habermehl proved that having sex leads to the fact that the human brain starts to analyze things better and process the information faster. So people become much more intelligent!

Having sex is also very healthy as the level of the hormone called adrenaline is rising in your blood, which keeps you happy and fit for a longer time!

Moreover, when the body receives additional serotonin and endorphins (which are released during orgasm) people become more self-confident as these substances control this process!

Scientists say "Having sex is necessary because it makes you a lot smarter and more confident!”

So, what is the use of sex?

Is sex good or bad for your heart?

Researchers found out that people who have sex 2-3 times a week rarely suffer from heart diseases!


It is also a fact that those men who have sex about 3 times a week are 3 times less likely to have a heart attack.

You are less likely to get a cold!

One very interesting study was conducted in the state of Pansilvaniya! It claims that people who have sex 1-2 times a week have a better immune system than those who don’t.

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Having sex gives you a better sleep at night!

If you have sex, you will be able to sleep like a little child every night!

During the sexual intercourse the level of certain hormones increases which leads to getting a better sleep.


Having sex is good for your self-esteem and motivation!

Yes, a person who has sex from 1 to 3 times a week has a better self-esteem. When a person is usually sexually active and gets an enormous pleasure by doing it, it increases their self-esteem!

 Is sex good or bad in a relationship?

When you have sex with your partner it increases the intimacy in your relationship! After having sex both of you start feeling like you’ve become closer to each other!

Having sex is good for the bladder!

The condition of your bladder improves during the intercourse

Having sex eliminates the depression!


Having sex is the best cure for stress, bad mood and depression! The benefit of sex is that it brings the enjoyment and relaxation to our bodies. The partners feel loved and wanted.

What is more, sex affects the mood of both of the lovers. Your blood pressure also decreases as you are having sex. In 2002 the famous American psychologist Gordon Gallup did a very interesting study on this topic!

There were more than 293 women involved in the experiment. It turned out that the sexually active women whose partners did not use condoms during sex were much less likely to have stress and depression than the women whose partners used condoms!

This is because the prostaglandin hormone, which can be found in the sperm, is well absorbed in the female genital tract. Therefore, it controls the level of the female hormones.

Having sex is good for your body shape! You lose weight!


Sex is a great exercise! It makes you lose weight, get a better physical condition. Moreover, you just feel very well all the time!

Just think about it! A passionate sexual intercourse between partners burns about 200 calories - that's as much as 15 minutes of running on a treadmill!

Also, when a person is really turned on, his pulse rate increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute - it's the same as when an athlete makes an effort to do an exercise. The testosterone hormone is also released during sex. It strengthens the muscles!

To sum up, sex is good both for your health and your relationships.


It is well known that sex as a man and a woman not only as a way for pleasure and procreation. It is also one of the main sources of maintaining physical and mental health. A very important and integral part of the lives of most people are in a sexual relationship.

But what makes many people consciously refuse sex? Just fashion? The imitation? And what are the consequences of a lack of sexual relations. Recent studies show that this trend has several reasons.

It is believed that the lack of sex may exacerbate the "cooling" feeling. And if the partners lose interest in sex in relationships with each other, a break can go to their advantage. And when a certain time passes, passions flare up with new force and can diversify the "tarnished" sexual relationship.

Further, sexologists mention the fact that unspent energy and strength people can aim at a more effective solution to any task and achieving your goals. Therefore, this period is considered best for self-improvement.

However, this should not be abused. All you need to know when to stop, because the lack of sex has a number of significant drawbacks. Long breaks in sexual relations and the absence of a partner can bring a woman to a state of depression and neurosis, make her irritable, but also cause serious disturbances in hormonal balance of the body.

Answered 1 year ago.

Interesting article and a special thank you for the fact that there is no approval, and are given the opportunity for personal choice and decision. I personally believe that sex - it is a pleasure and a certain kind of ceremony. Do not mind giving away the pleasure of sense to everyone, it is possible to sprinkle themselves and their potential to those who do not appreciate it. I really believe that sex should be only those who are drawn to and from whom is the same promise. A dull satisfaction of physical needs - it's stupid habits of animals, but it should not be the determining motives of people!

Answered 1 year ago.

I think even know what sex it is very good. He has a positive impact on health, both male and female, relieves tension and stress. Yes, and just relaxing. For me, sex with a loved one - it's the greatest degree of expression of love for him. After all, every second will not have sex. In addition, the biggest surprise may occur during sex - you can get pregnant. So remember, not only about the minutes of fun, but also that you need to protect yourself, to protect their health with the help of different kinds of contraceptives. Sex is cool!

Answered 1 year ago.
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