Is sex important in a relationship?

What are advantages of regular sexual life? How does it influence on relationships? Read the article to learn more about love relations.

Many inexperienced people, and those who already have wide sexual experience, are interested how important is sex in a relationship or marriage. This question remains rather disputable. Someone believes that emotional connection is the most important. Someone thinks on the contrary. So, after all, is sex important in a relationship?

Sex is an integral part of any relations. At this point, each person has a set of stereotypes, templates and fears. Many couples have problems in sexual life. But intimate proximity is one of the making strong relations between man and woman. At such moments, emotional connection of lovers is strengthened.

Is sex important in a relationship

How important is sex in a relationship?

  • During a short-term break in intimate life, at most part of women increase of a sexual inclination is observed, but eventually it becomes lower. Besides, renewal of sexual relations after long abstention can bring only disappointment: the lack of natural greasing, discomfort and even vagina pain prevent receiving pleasure.
  • One of the most widespread shortcomings of sexual abstention is a loss of vitality. Symptoms of chronic fatigue become aggravated. There are flashes of unreasonable irritation on everything, tendency to sharp change of mood. Long lack of intimate life can pour out in condition of depression and even neurosis. That’s why couples that make love seldom have a lot of conflicts in their relationships.

how important is sex in a relationship or marriage

  • If intimate life is absent rather long term, it can be a reason of many diseases. As a result, there can be chronic inflammatory processes, diseases by gynecologic part. However, to such consequences only sexual abstention lasting for years is capable to lead. If it is temporary and is limited for weeks, then you shouldn't worry. It won't do harm to yours and your lover's health.
  • Regular sex (3-4 times a week) reduces probability of developing of cardiovascular diseases at men and leads to longevity.
  • Sex reduces possibility of treason. If you have good relations in couple and you satisfy each other in sexual plan, you have nothing to worry about.

How important is sex in a relationship

Is sex before marriage important?

If to consider medical and psychological researches, abstention from sexual relations before marriage is useful, especially, when the wedding is already planned. Experts consider that premarital relations are unstable. Under some circumstances, the wedding cannot take place. And scientists claim that sex only after wedding is pledge of happy family. Newlyweds who have waited the first marriage night have stable relations both with physical and moral aspect.

Besides, there are a number of advantages in sexual abstention before wedding:

Is sex before marriage important

  • An opportunity to save yourself from venereal diseases.
  • The risk of undesirable pregnancy and abortions disappears. Together with using of modern contraception, it helps to avoid such consequences.
  • Some guys and girls get married without any experience of sexual life. For them such relations become especially romantic. They think of it more seriously.

why is sex so important in a relationship

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  • Lack of intimate relations before wedding helps future married couple to fall in love with each other not with physical love. From such abstention, physical inclination becomes stronger.

There is also other opinion about it. A basis of any harmonious relations between woman and man is sexual compatibility. Marrying, newlyweds-virgins don't even know how everything will occur in the first marriage night. It is not the fact that they completely will suit each other in sex. That's the reason why is sex so important in a relationship before marriage.

why is sex so important in a relationship 1

Moreover, the age of couples who get married, has grown in recent years. To keep virginity till 25 years is very difficult and dangerous for health. After the made observations, sexologists are convinced that the most of their patients who have sexual problems have begun sex life late enough. A depression is a consequence of total absence of the sexual relations at early age. Besides, all experiences connected with sex life at more mature age are felt much more difficultly.


You know, sex naturally takes quite capacious cell in the relations of the spouses, or couples who just met. Basically, if sex in the relationship disappears, it means that something went wrong. But just think it is not necessary. It happens so that your partner or partner, simply do not need to the extent of sex as you. That's all. If you have any experience about this, talk with your partner, and then everything will be clarified. In general, sex should be in the marital relationship, at least for chtobysnimat stress after a hard day's work.

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