Is there real love wit out money?

Can a girl daTe witout askin for money?

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Personally, I do not think that the more money, the more love. So not always. But there are coincidences. I think that of course there is the love is sincere and real without money. Just when the family has no money, there are some difficulties - but it's a test of strength. Love itself without money is possible and very even, but a long-term relationship is unlikely (except for a few cases). But to build a relationship purely on material acquisition partner - is not correct. All should be a happy medium, it All depends on many factors. People can work hard, but get little. In this case, if a man tries, it is always appreciated by a woman (if she's not selfish). Well, if the man is unemployed and does nothing...then the relationship is in the vast abyss...as it is in the first place speaks to his potential, which is important for every woman.

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