Is virginity important?

Girls are wondering whether they should have experience in sex. Do men need experienced lovers? Or whether they need love and trust? And what is virginity indeed? You’ll find all the answers right now.

So why all girls are so focused on experience in sex? In fact, men do not need experienced lovers. They need a loving and faithful wife, pure and uncorrupted with the sexual delights lady. So is virginity important nowadays? We may say yes.

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You may say not all men dream to become ‘pioneers’. A lot of men and women even despise such worship of virginity. Like, it's all hypocrisy and lack of sexual culture. But indeed everything is different. There are plenty of opinions. Virginity is something that will always be a topic to argue about.

Is virginity important for marriage?

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To marry an innocent girl is a big responsibility for any man. After all, you need to match the high level of love, trust and loyalty, which the girl’s virginity sets. A guy should be ready for this.  And a man should be, if not a virgin, but at least not profligate. He should be very careful, gentle and caring lover. And not frighten a girl.

Men say that virginity is the best proof of love. And what else can say for sure that she likes you, you're the only exclusive partner for her, and that she is ready to give all of herself? The desire to lose her virginity is not only the evidence of the physical attraction, but also the fact that she has chosen a man as the best representative of a kind. Men love it!

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Men are very pleased to know that this girl has not been touched by someone’s dirty hands, lips and other body parts. It is nice to know that the girl is so moral, well-mannered, reserved and she does not let any lascivious man discredit herself. So is virginity important before marriage? Men say it’s not the most important thing but they would be very pleased to find out their love is a virgin.

How is it to be a virgin?

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A girl, who doesn’t prefer sexual freedom or anarchy and can save herself up to the wedding night, must have strong personality. She has her own opinion and she did not follow the slogan: ‘Virginity is not fashionable!’

Despite all the talks and propaganda of sex, she found the strength not to jump into the first available bed, she managed to save herself for her one and only. And for that, any man should say ‘thank you, girl’. Because he is that one and only.

Girls should remember that virginity is the best gift for your beloved. And virginity is not the antonym of inexperience in sex. Becoming experienced mistress is much better under the guidance of the man you love, but not jumping from bed to bed and collecting different diseases.

Think of disadvantages and advantages of virginity. It’s purely individual topic. Fashion, trends and others shouldn’t affect your decision. Especially, if you are sure you know what you want. And don’t forget that sex is always better with the one you love.

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Virginity is a choice. If you want to save it and train your will – that’s ok. But if not, that’s ok too! Men and women should live their lives despite of the society. You should do things that make you happy! But not someone else.


I believe that virginity is very important. But if you meet a good and a loved one, why not pay this tribute, do not you think? All of this only depends on us, especially in this time where all are free, and free to choose what they want. in any situation you need to be a happy man, no matter you are a virgin or not. Yet I, in place of a man, it would be extremely pleased to know that my girlfriend, wife, love - a virgin and is crystal clear, because it is a sign that the person of the shore for the most special feeling on earth. It's very romantic and nice.

Answered 1 year ago.

I agree that virginity is fundamental. Because it was then that the lovers can give each other something they never had and what they never gave. Yes, and not only in this case. Intimacy is something that says that you love this person more than anyone else, what you his, he is yours. So I think that virginity is important on both sides. But that does not prove it, because without truth it is impossible to build a real relationship. As for me, it is better to say that someone was (if a person is good, he does not cease to be) , than to lie (but, after lying a human form slowly erased).

Answered 1 year ago.
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