Is Your Love For Sale?

am looking for a love to buy.please if yours is for sale drop a note

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If you want to buy my love,


[li]You must be valid passport/visa come to the state[/li]

[li]You must buy flight ticket coming to the state at your own expense[/li]

[li]You must open your own banking account at your own name[/li]

[li]You must live your own place at your own name at least one or two-year residence- - - i do not believe in cohabitation!!![/li]

[li]You must buy  me new economy car, 2008 Honda Fist or Chevolet Aveo as gift[/li]

[li]You must be able to access online job hunter to find job in the state at your own[/li]

[li]If you want marry me, you go thru pastoral pre-marriage counseling for the whole 6 months sessions, then another 6 months next level of relationship seriously before marriage[/li]

[li]You must follow the immigrant law to become citizenship permanently if u desire[/li]

[li]You must be seriously hardworking and responsiblity, no time to be player/freeloader!!![/li]

[li]As my business partnership, you must be motivated learning all steps/procotols of entreprenuership in technology, real estate, and marketing industry.[/li]

[li]You must accept to adjust understanding all multi-cultural easily - - - No Judgment, No violence, No racism[/li]

[li]You must love to travel anywhere for both business and pleasure[/li]

[li]You must be clean records of criminal, mental insane, 419/scammer and sex predators(child molestor, Molester)[/li]


Total whole package are: - - - $100,000.00 exclude your expenses mentioned above.


Ok oooo mss expensive


AH omo ya mouth wild oo why u no go put ur post 4 bill gate may be i go consider u. U hope ole lol

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