Love text messages - 5 best for Nigerian sweethearts

Wish to use all the gadgets in courting and dating? Learn how to send love text messages that really work and boost your love life.

Technologies open up a way for enhancing our flirting and love life. You can use SMS to start flirting with a girl or a guy you like. You can use them to fire up the relationships, but you should be careful. There are certain mistakes to avoid and one of them is monotony. Sending “I love you” text is trite. Let’s get some fresh ideas and some DOs and DON’Ts of text flirting and compiling love textmessages.

love text messages

5 Dos and DON’Ts of love text messaging



  • Keep it short
  • Write long
  • Use simple language
  • Use outdated literary language
  • Use some humor
  • Attach photos (might take a while to upload)
  • Use emoji
  • Make fun (little humor is enough)
  • Show emotion
  • Argue or try to resolve a conflict

You see, words have the power to make it or to break it. Love texting is an art. It should not be trite or silly (maybe just a little). Text flirting can help you get your second date, or may be even the first one! And sending cute love text messages can keep your relations warm and be full of affection.

 text messagesAt this, women just LOVE to hear about love. For many of them words is the best expression of your feelings along with gifts, of course. Men on the contrary may not be so fond of the cooing, but they should make an extra effort to talk of sweet nothings with their girlfriends or even wives to keep that fire up.

How to flirt using SMS

Now, you’ve got her or his number and where do you start? Do not even think of starting flirting with “I love you” stuff. Flirting is about halftones. You do not say things bluntly, you entice and encourage further interaction. You set the bait and wait for response. You offer a cherry on the top of the cake and make them want to get it all.

Here are few tips to start with:

  • Be smart
    Both girls and boys like smart folks. “If you turn 8 sideways, you’ll know how much I liked you” – is one for starters. (8 sideways is infinity symbol). Just be smart and cute, not too smart and prig.
  • Be funny poem sms 1
    You can mention something funny about the thing you both have seen or heard. Or write something like this: “I could sip in a case of you and still be on my feet.”
  • Be unique
    Do not start by: Hello, how are you? That’s trite. Here is good example: Don’t do that!
    Likely Reply: What? You: Don’t think of me. Aha, you're doing it... again!

5 Love text messages TO HIM

Guys are not that fond of cute names and words of love. Still it works for them, too, if you know the right way of handling the task. Here are 5 tips and SMS samples for you to benefit from, when you are texting a guy.

  1. A humor
    Guys like smart girls who can make them laugh. Tease him a bit and make him smile.

    “Please, don’t talk to me. I fall in love so easily”. Or “I love you with my hea… b**bs. It’s not a typo, my heart is good, but boobs are bigger”.
  2. A question
    Yes, girls love asking questions. Try to keep their number down and never ask a dead ender. And, do not send few in a row.

    “What do u know about chemistry?” – and answer it – “It is happing between us two”.
  3. A desire
    Guys love to receive such SMS as: Me. You. Bed. Now. Of course, that’s too simply and blunt. You can do better and heat him a bit.

    “Get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need it when we meet.” Or “tonight I’ll wear the shortest dress I have”.

     text messages Nigerian sweethearts
  4. A praise  
    Guys love to be praised and appreciated. So, if he has helped you or done even a minor service or a pleasant thing, thank him and that would motivate him to do more.

    “Thank U much more Than a greeting can say, coz u were thoughtful In such a nice and great way!”
  5. A goodnight
    Wish him good night and let him fall asleep dreaming of you.

    “I wish this SMS had hands, legs and a face so it could embrace you and give you a good night kiss for me”.

5 Love text messages TO HER

Now, if you are up to texting her and sharing your feelings, do it the way she would appreciate. See, men and women are different. They sort of speak different languages. Your goal is to guess what she likes and please her.

  1. A poem
    Most girls love to be called silly and cute names. If you are already in relations, you can do that. You can also send her poems, but do not use the long ones. Here a sample:

    Yes, it’s the sweet nothings, but ladies just love them. And then you remain on the safe grounds, as there is no promise in the poem. You are under no obligation and you just share some positive emotions she evokes in you.

    love poem sms
  2. A good morning SMS

    There is nothing better than to be the first one to talk to her in the morning and say something nice. Of course, be ware not to wake her up in 5 a.m., unless she is the early bird. Do not say much and do not flatter. Just send her your best wishes for the day and mention your love to her.

    “The sun is shining and the day is going to be fantastic, I can foresee it. But you have to believe me, against all odds. See you soon. Good morn and have a nice day.”
  3. A reminder
    Girls never get tired of hearing or reading about your love for them. So, keep going. Send her few reminders throughout the day.

    “Having affection for you is like breathing. If I stop, I can’t live anymore.”
  4. A humor
    Girls love to laugh. So make her day. Share a funny story or remind her of the night out in a funny way.

    text messages to herI wait for u …
    To come with me to a fancy Restaurant
    To have candle light meal…. &
    to hear those three magic words from me….
    “I Pay The Bill”
  5. An expectation
    Build up an expectation of the upcoming going out with you. Remind her of the date and show her how you long to meet her. That would make her feel special.“

There are three elements of utter bliss delight. 1) You 2) Me 3) and the night out.”

As you see, these sweet love text messages can help you keep in touch and keep the fire going even when you are not close together. Be creative and master the art of texting and communicating your love.

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in any communication and not only the messages you need to know the boundaries and actually feel what the person might like and that hurt, because all people are different and can also different to take a joke and stuff. Men and women love when they the night writing nice words. They can also be a touching experience if you them to write nice words in the poem, it's all awesome. No need to be annoying, to write many messages in a row, especially accompanied with aggression, don't be rude, and the man will appreciate it.

Answered 2 years ago.

So today is very convenient to flirt or to confess his love through text messages. Even the most hesitant to do it quite easily. Very good advice on how to write a text message that he was not trivial and not interesting. I myself love to receive these messages, but when they arrive the same text is always bored. And not just pass the idea that a person writes to automatically write something, but not really tex investing in their feelings. Such examples presented in the article and I will be helpful. I use them constantly. I thank the author for tips and explanations.

Answered 2 years ago.

Love sms - it is very cute and fun. I like get these from my your loved one, we can make joke, send something nice or just say "miss you". But most importantly, that all your communication is not limited to exchange of SMS. It's just nice addition to your courtship. Write sincerely from heart, not necessarily harvested using SMS, compose something unique, it is valued more. I also like long letters in which you can tell lot. It is pity, that nowadays online communication limited to short messages.

Answered 2 years ago.

Up to our days text messages became the substitute for letters. There are a lot of pros and cons in writing text messages, especially love text messages. I totally agree with very useful information above. However, my point is that whatever love text message is, it should be really 'LOVE message'. I mean if a love text message is sincere than it will be one of the best text messages. Our words are very powerful even more when they are applied to your beloved person. As I said there are some pros and cons in writing messages and one of the cons is the changed frequency of messages(pron- to send text message will take you less than 50 second); con - when a boy and a girl begin dating they write a lot of sweet stuff to each other but in some time a lot of couple are getting irritated because one of them stop texting in the morning, for example, as he/she used to do before.

Answered 2 years ago.

God these messages are so cute. I perennially consider that amour is the weightiest thing in our live that is why we ought to divvy it with people nad be very nice to everyone from our surrounding. I really enjoy when my boyfriend sends me love-poems and i feel that this is a way for him to express his gratitude. I grown accustomed to him. Several years ago when i just met him he used to send me good morning and sweet dreams sms. These moments were just invaluable. It's a remarkable idea how to express your affection

Answered 2 years ago.

I've noticed that some gals more attracted to funny guys and another group of them prefer something different or more serious. From my own experience i've meet woman who could be so strict at first, but once i throw a good joke they quickly turn into such a sweethearts and goofy personality. However, preferably need to know the limit with things we say, do not let them look at you as on a clown. This article was very helpful, I'll try to use those tips all in together to get more success with woman.

Answered 2 years ago.
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