Male orgasm mechanics: how does it happen?

What are the mechanics of the male orgasm? This is good to know for men and women.

Male orgasm mechanics

This process can be broken down into four main stages. It is important to know the mechanics of male orgasm both for men and women. This way they can gain a deeper understanding of how to attain or give each other the highest pleasure in bed.

4 stages of male orgasm:

  1. The stimulation
    And it does not have to be physical. Surely, if you touch a man in certain areas of his body, he gets sexually stimulated. But that’s not the only option. Arousal starts in the brain. It may get trigged by the thought or by what a man sees. It’s not for nothing they say: “men love with their eyes.”
    Once the brain gets stimulated, it activates the hormones and neurons. It uses the spinal cord to send down the signals to the penis and testicles. And the transformation begins. Penis has both veins and arteries. The first ones narrow down and the arteries get enlarged to let the blood into the organ. Veins stay narrow to keep it in. And you get the erection.
    The blood inflow increased by over 50 times, makes the penis to stand up. The more blood inflow you get, the firmer is the organ.
  2. Preparation
    A man cannot have an orgasm right after the erection. The body needs a short while to get ready. But 2 minutes is more than enough. So, basically in just few minutes after the arousal a healthy man can have an orgasm. During this time the heart rate speeds up to 175 beats per minute.

    The pre-ejaculate liquid starts flowing out of penis. Beware, it contains sperm cells and a woman can get pregnant from it.

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    Male orgasm
  3. The pleasure
    Orgasm brings men extreme pleasure, that’s why they are after the sex so much. Just before they get it, they reach the point of no return. The sperm gets pressed out of the testicles and meets the fluid at the beginning of urethra. Once that happens, men cannot stop or delay the ejaculation.

    The orgasm in men lasts only few seconds. The muscles at the root of the penis start vibrating. The limbs’ muscles get pleasant spasms in them and the sperm shoots out.
  4. The end
    Right after the orgasm all the muscles relax and the penis’ veins widen. That lets the blood out of the manhood and the man needs up to 30 minutes to rest before he can do it all over again. That is why many men fall asleep after having sex.

As you see, knowing the 4 stages of male orgasm is important both for the guys and the girls.

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