Nigerian boy had the longest sex ever!

How long can a man last in sex? This is the story about the longest sex ever!

  longest sex ever!

People dream of going all night long and this pal from Nigeria took it literally and set a new record for having the longest sex ever.

Nigerian man sets record in the longest sex

This story was buzzed much back in 2013. They say the boy was a student of OAU. You will not believe for how long he lasted in bed. They set the clock and he kept going for 15 hours 7 minutes and even 23 seconds!

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Nigerian boy had the longest sex

It seems like his friend was there to be a witness and to keep the clock. The man had sex with several ladies, as they got tired of the ongoing intercourse.

Surely, there should be not that much fun in doing something for 15 hours in the row, even if it is sex. And some parts of his body must hurt badly. Such exercises are unnatural and not healthy. However, the man proved the fact that it is possible for a male to go 15 hours non-stop in bed. 

Obviously, not many girls would be happy to marry a dude like that.


He's a killer boy. and i bet @ http://www.naij.com fans will love him. (the females ones of course) and God help us, the homo's.

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