Nigerian white wedding must have list

With these tips you can have the white wedding of your dream in Nigeria. Do not miss them!

Nigerian white wedding

Dreaming of your beautiful white wedding? No problem. Only get the tips to make your dream come true and avoid possible challenges and mistakes in the process. This is how you can get the best memories to last a lifetime.

1. Your very special spot 

Your home is not an option for such a wedding. You need to find a particular location for it. Today in many countries they pick outdoor spots, such as gardens, parks, river or ocean beaches, etc. Or you can find a venue to host your amazing white wedding.

2. The gown

That’s the reason why it is called “white”. It’s a center piece of the whole ceremony. Make sure the wedding dress fits you well. It can be a blazing white color or an ivory shade. Tailor made ones are the best. Pick the accessories accordingly. That would get you look like a queen.

Nigerian wedding

3. Wedding theme

It’s not just a white wedding; you can choose an additional theme for it. It can be a flower theme, a Bible theme, a spring theme or a winter one. Accordingly, you should pick the gowns for your maids. Do not let them show up in their best dresses. They should serve as a background for you and your groom. So, pick the color of their gowns matching your theme.

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4. Photo shooting

This is something you would keep for your lifetime. So, test the photographer before the wedding. Do a session or two of your pre-wedding photos. You can reshoot these, but not the wedding ones. So, pay special attention to this part.

 white wedding

5. Make a plan

The White wedding takes much planning. So, get a checklist of all these things: venue, flowers, food, drinks, guests, invitations, venue décor, entertainment, music, etc.

Obviously, a gorgeous Nigerian white wedding takes much effort and planning. It can be rather costly, but it leaves the memory for a lifetime. 

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