Orgasms and sleep: what’s the connection?

Can an orgasm help you fall asleep and have great rest? Learn what the science says.


In out busy world many people develop various sleep problems. We get stressed out during the day and so tired, that cannot even rest well at night. Can orgasms become the natural cure for this trouble?

How orgasms can cure the sleep problem:

Scientists have good news for us. Having an orgasm can help you sleep better at night. The remedy is 100 percent natural and free! Plus, it is very good for your emotional and physical wellbeing. So, here is how it works.

When a woman or a man has an orgasm, their bodies release various hormones, such as oxytocin. Mostly those are happiness hormones, which help you to get your stress hormones under control. It means an orgasm works as the natural calming remedy.

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 sleep problem

During the process of having sex your body muscles get to work and you burn many calories. However, right after you relax and easily go to sleep. No need to be offended by such a behavior of your partner. It’s good. If she or he does it, just join it and enjoy a great night’s sleep! So, from now on you do not need a pill to fall asleep. Just make love to your husband or wife and stay well.

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